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Cressi Sub S.p.A.

Phone 1: +39.010.830.79.214
Phone 2: +48 602 870 570
Address: 16165 Genova, Italy, Via Gelasio Adamoli, 501
Cressi Sub S.p.A. is a family owned Company that creates premium water sports products for people that love the water and the sea.
Our goal is to create the highest quality products, and our family's name is molded into every product that we make. Our priority is that everyone that uses a Cressi product, will enjoy his or her water sports experience. Cressi is proud to still manufacture the vast majority of it's products in its head quarters building in Genova, Italy.
This allows a very high level of quality control, since Mr. Cressi is able to follow the production process personally on a daily basis. Genova is located 30 minutes driving distance from the beautiful marine bay of Portofino, a diving paradise since the 1940's, and this allows Mr. Cressi and the Cressi Team to easily test in the water every product that Cressi makes.

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