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NDL Maldives

Phone 1: +960 - 7291336
Phone 2: +960 - 7792775
Web site: http://umetstay.com/
E-mail: diving@umetscuba.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/332430244398128

Umet Scuba - fulfill your dreams with UMET

UMET is a new and upcoming tourism brand in the Maldives. Currently focusing on developing tourism in the exotic Huvadu atoll specializing in scuba diving and sports fishing.

Huvadu atoll is yet to be explored. Huvadu atoll is the world’s second largest atoll with diverse and abundant marine life, colorful and exciting undersea scenery and countless pristine white sandy beaches.

UMET STAY is a cozy and modern boutique hotel, situated right in the middle of Thinadhoo, South Huvadu atoll. Ideally situated to cater to the needs of undersea explorers, fishing enthusiasts, those looking to experience the unique culture of Maldives and also for those looking to relax on an idyllic beach.

UMET is well prepared to fulfill all your dreams. Scuba diving for the professional and even the novice is available from our modern dive center, UMET SCUBA. A fleet of fully equipped sports fishing vessels are at the disposal of the most seasoned fisherman. UMET QUEEN is outfitted for a relaxing and comfortable excursion or a cruise to a nearby deserted beach or to look for dolphins. With UMET the only limit is your imagination.

Book an adventure with us during DiveRU 2021 and take advantage of our promotional offers and discounts.

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