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All water skiers and wakeboarders dream of HO and HYPERLITE equipment. Hyperlite is represented by top riders from many countries. 

As soon as I zipped up (Hyperlite UNION wakeboard), I immediately realized that the board was a bomb! Very lightweight and manoeuvrable. The thin edging cuts into the water with the slightest pressure. The edging is made of composite material, it does not crack when hitting the plastic. Also, along the entire length of the edging, a bevel is made so that you do not accidentally catch on the bends of the figures. The board has a rather aggressive rocker, the click on it is powerful. After two weeks of aggressive tests in Hip-Notics, not a single chip or crack remained, - our rider Evgeny Grishin @grshn shares his impressions You can get acquainted and purchase with huge discounts this and many other HYPERLITE boards, as well as halyards, HO water skis, vests, towed cylinders, other equipment of famous brands at the stand of the Russian distributor - MOREMAN.