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Equipment for Recreational Diving

Recreational diving is underwater swimming for pleasure and relaxation that brings the new experience of interacting with the underwater world in a fantastic condition of neutral buoyancy.

Not everyone can become an astronaut and hover in the interplanetary space in zero-gravity, while diving allows virtually any relatively healthy person to get with comfort into the unknown world, enjoy its landscapes, corals, fancy creatures and generally swim like a fish.

Naturally, it requires some equipment from the simplest items, such as a mask, snorkel and fins, to a more complete set of gear, including breathing equipment (a scuba with a regulator and tank or a rebreather), a diving suit with or without a hood, a buoyancy compensator (which is exactly the thing that will allow you to hover in neutral buoyancy), a weightbelt, a knife, gloves, boots, a watch and a depth-gauge (or a diving computer), a compass, a reel, a buoy, a light, an underwater camera and… etc. This list can be extended depending on personal needs for comfort accessories, as well as specializations. All in all, choosing the right equipment for your precious self is also a pleasure, and Moscow Dive Show is precisely where you can choose the whole lot of your gear for good prices.

In order to use the equipment in a correct and safe manner and get pleasure instead of suffering, some relevant training is needed.

There are a number of commercial training systems, such as CMAS, PADI, SSI, NAUI, etc., including national programs. All these systems provide more or less the same training and recommend amateur divers not to descend beyond 30 meters or exceed the so-called "no decompression limit". You may also get some assistance there while choosing your first equipment and diving travel destinations. Popular diving spots are in the Red Sea, the Maldives, Indonesia, the Philippines, and plenty of other places.

Here in Russia the Black Sea, the Sea of Japan, Lake Baikal, the White and Barents seas, Lake Ladoga and the Orda Cave are popular destinations, and there are generally gazillions of excellent places.
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