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Equipment for technical diving

Technical diving is a system of dives according to a carefully composed diving plan, based on special skills and knowledge, with higher requirements related to the diver's physical shape and psychological training, and with a specialized approach to equipment. All this allows to see what is virtually impossible for an ordinary diver.

The equipment used for technical diving is similar to ordinary diving equipment but has some significant differences.  
This equipment meets higher requirements for reliability and robustness. Thus, for instance, a buoyancy compensator is usually more capacious compared to an ordinary one and is designed to hold at least two tanks.

Regulators also satisfy certain standards related to the ease of breathing, especially at depth. Moreover, regulators used for decompression gas mixtures are designed in a way different from the ordinary ones. Thus, regulators for mixtures containing more than 80% oxygen have enlarged nozzles, which reduces the friction of the breathing mixture (oxygen regulators). The right way to use these regulators is only for decompression in upper layers of water.

One of the most important requirements for this equipment is its doubling to ensure success in solving potential emergency situations in water (and, first of all, at depth). Actually, special technical diving gear is used – special BCD jackets, decompression meters, enlarged tanks, multiple tanks attached to a harness, a special configuration of connections and mixture delivery, special breathing apparatus (rebreathers), powerful lights, etc.

Basically, there are a few components to describe tech diving:
  1. Dives with necessary decompression stops (decompression dives).  
  2. Dives into overhead environments – caves, sunken ships, etc.
  3. Dives where more than one breathing mixture is used underwater.
Those divers who are willing to self-improve and agree to take additional expenses and risks in order to explore depths and get new sensations and impressions, master the art of technical diving. They receive specialized training under such systems as IANTD, TDI and other. This requires both creative choice of gear and meticulous learning of how to use it during training. There are no insignificant details; only the best and most reliable equipment is chosen.
At our show you will find vests, regulators (for both nitrox and oxygen), reels, carabiners, special computers, lights, line cutters, and harnesses.
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