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News from participants: Camouflage line “Arrowhead” from SARGAN

18 октября 2016

Camouflage consists of 4 colours. It would seem not much, but these 4 colours, imitate the optimum shape and size of the specific elements of the underwater world, as identified from two years compiling a photo bank of 12,000 underwater photos from countless Russian rivers and lakes, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Correctly defined colour spectrum, shape and size of associated elements of the composition, create the illusion of a relief surface of the bottom, covered with water plants, which realistically conveys the colour, volume and texture of the underwater vegetation.

To analyze the most common underwater biological objects, textures of terrain and the bottom, an original image processing algorithm of still images was developed. This is the "know-how” of SARGAN.

The water medium has different optical properties to air that significantly affect visual perception of the different colour groups. Therefore, all attempts to use standard «land» types of camouflage often lead us to a dead end.

One of the main features of the camouflage line "Pondweed-Arrowhead” - taking into account changing reflective properties of nylon when wet and submerged under the water. We are the only ones in the world to calculate its colour spectrum considering this effect. When you soak the material of our wetsuits, all the colours of camouflage are shifting towards natural brown-green or sand colours, typical of the majority of our rivers and lakes.

The unique camouflage pattern "Pondweed-Arrowhead” seems different from various distances. It simultaneously conceals and has a misleading pattern and a colour spectrum. What is crucial in the ambush spearfishing type. When approaching it seems that the "big bush” is naturally broken up into separate "plants” and not smeared into one flat picture. The maximum effect of camouflage is observed under water in the range of 1.5 m horizontally and 1.2 m vertically.

Wherein this new matrix "Arrowhead” has another surprising property – often causes dizziness while observing the picture closer and more carefully.

More than 3 years of testing camouflage "Pondweed 2.0” and one and a half years of test of "Arrowhead”, included all seasons of spearfishing and the various waters of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, have shown that even on flat sandy or muddy bottom, the fish perceives a spearfishing hunter as a natural shelter in the form of an island of water plants. Visual perception of bio-digital "picture” varies depending on the distance, thereby achieving a real illusion of the natural environment. Stunning 3D-effect.

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