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DIVE-TECH-RUS/CHECKSTOP at Moscow Dive Show 2017

29 ноября 2016

This year CheckStop decided to join forces with their partners in DIVE-TECH-RUS.

For a few years, these companies have focused on providing support at the choice of best equipment for technical and recreational diving made by the leading producers, such as GRALmarine, BTS, Tecline, Sopras Sub, KECO, Agir-brokk, and many others.

DIVE-TECH-RUS/CHECKSTOP work in close cooperation with divers and equipment manufacturers worldwide to offer you selected and truly high-quality gear.

At  DIVE-TECH-RUS/CHECKSTOP stands you can not only buy equipment, but also get practical advice from expert diving instructors and consultants with a huge experience of diving at various spots on the planet on how to choose your gear properly.

See you at the show!

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