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Sea Angels: New Participants in the Water Kids Zone

06 декабря 2016

Under this slogan, for over 13 years the club of Morskie Angely, or Sea Angels, (has been plowing seas and oceans, bringing more than one generation of divers into the underwater world. The key goal of the club is to fill people's lives with vivid experiences and unite all family members and friends under an uncommon hobby called "diving"! Another feature of the club is its warm and homey atmosphere, so people come here not only to learn things, but simply to see their friends and like-minded people.

Here you can go all the way from a beginner up to a professional, acquiring all the skills necessary for underwater diving, but the primary focus is on young diverlings!

A special Children's Diving School has been created in the club. Not only sports- and underwater swimming is included into the school's curriculum: it also aims at fostering eco-culture, as well as teaching the basics of physics, chemistry, physiology, biology, and geography.

During school holidays the club organizes diving tours that present a wonderful opportunity for a family holiday and unforgettable days spent in one of the planet's corners!

See you at Moscow Dive Show in the Water Kids zonestand M4/2.

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