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EXPODAT - Digital Revolution at Moscow Dive Show

23 декабря 2016

Let's save tons of paper spent on tickets, booklets and questionnaires.We are switching to digital ways.The show will feature a new EXPODAT service that will make life much easier for both visitors and exphibitors.The idea is wonderful – visitors only once spend one minute to register through an EXPODAT terminal at the entrance and receive a wristband with their personal bar code containing all the entered data (name, email, etc.).By touching scanners at dozens of terminals set near different stands, you can instantly identify yourself and take part in promotions, surveys, and lotteries. 

When you see the already familiar terminal at one of the stands, explore the menu on its screen.What you may find there includes special discounts or equipment pre-order offers, hot travel packages, lotteries, as well as loads of other stuff that exhibitors just can think of.Now, about the key feature of the wristband: Simply hold it close to the terminal and click on the button you like.Information about all the selected stands and offers will be instantaneously sent to both the visitor's and exhibitor's accounts at expodat.com to be reviewed more thoroughly later on. 

The Big Underwater Lottery (Saturday 6:00 pm on the main stage) will be also switched to the digital format, with no more tickets issued.Four EXPODAT terminals will be set up near the stage for you to check in right before the lottery begins.Winners' info will be shown on a big screen.So easy, no need to keep track of the numbers, just don't forget your surname and watch the screen.

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