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27 декабря 2016

Dear friends,

You are always welcome at our small and cozy inn – a wonderful ship built on the White Sea shore in the Northern Karelia (Chkalovsky), and at our dive center.

Until recently, our organization was called Nereis. Due to some technical changes, the name has been changed to Golden Karelia. For those who has already visited us or heard about us from seasoned veterans, I report that nothing has changed. We remain as industrious as before, happy to welcome every guest, cook good food for you and provide awesome diving! You can come to us by car or with any train going in the Murmansk direction (Chupa station). We will provide the transfer from Chupa to Chkalovsky.

Our inn is warm, clean and cozy. All the cabins are twins. You can get some tea or fruit drink at the mess room at any time. We offer home-cooked food – soups, burgers, fish… delicious. On the ground floor you will find sauna, equipment drying room, desalting bath, and a tennis table. Everything is comfortable and compact.

In summer, we dive off a specially equipped motor boat. In winter, we get to diving spots on snowmobiles with sleds. We change in warmed-up wagons near ice diving spots. We provide weights and cylinders, and deliver a detailed briefing.

The White Sea underwater world is beautiful, diverse, unique… and much more. All of this is true. In spite of cold water and harsh conditions, one wants to dive in the White Sea again and again.

Fishing is also an experience worth trying here – sea, river, lake fishing. In spring and summer. What in the world can compare with fresh White Sea cod or lovingly cooked Pomakukha! No words can describe all this, you need to come here, try, see with your own eyes and love it! Belomorye is a beautiful area, a wonderful part of our homeland.

We love our White Sea, our woods, lakes and rivers, our cod and wolffish, mushrooms and berries, incredible sunrises and sunsets, polar lights, and… one cannot name everything, and we want to share our love and knowledge with you!

See you at the show, stand  F6/1.

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