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21 декабря 2017

Below are the answers to all the important questions about MoscowDiveShow 2018 ? where and when it is taking place, how to get there and where to park, what kind of promos and sales are being prepared. Also, see the list of the most interesting events on stage and in conference rooms, everything about the lottery, Delicious Street, virtual reality area and learn about other useful, fascinating and entertaining aspects. Read it, share with friends, post on sites and social networks. Hurray!

1. Where and when?

  • Sokolniki Exhibition Center. February 1-4, 2018
  • The exhibition has grown larger again and occupies as many as three pavilions - 4, 4.1 and 4.2 Pavilions are linked by passages, so that the exposition represents a single whole.

Working hours:

  • Thursday, February 1, 10.00 - 20.00

  • Friday and Saturday, February 2 and 3, 10.00 - 21.00

  • Sunday, February 4, 10.00 - 17.00

2. Tickets. Standard, Family and Group tickets

As usual, the ticket will give the right of multiple entry to the exhibition during all four days of its operation. Standard ticket is just for one person. One Family ticket can be used for all family members. The only restriction is that all family members must come to the exhibition all at once and be ready to prove their kinship at the control. A new type of ticket – a Group ticket is worth buying if you want to come to the exhibition in a large group of friends, a club or an Internet forum.

In addition to tickets, all members of group visits will be given an Important Guest badge at the registration with the name, surname, city and the name of the club. You must admit that with such an identification sign it is much more interesting to walk around the exhibition.

Where and when to buy



(10 tickets + 1 bonus ticket for the group leader)

November 15 – December 31 at diveshow.ru




January 1 - 30 at




February 1-4
at the Exhibition ticket office




Buy tickets online

3. Shopping. Discounts and promos.

As always, all the famous manufacturers and sellers will be present at the exhibition and will prepare the broadest product mix and a wide range of "carrots" and tempting offers for visitors. In order to help you get the lay of the land and spend hard-earned rubles in a most efficient way, we will find out in advance all the ins and outs and put them together in a big MoscowDiveShow 2018 Shopping Guide. It will be published at diveshow.com one week before the start of the exhibition. Last year, for example, prices for some wetsuits went down to RUB5,000. So, read carefully our reports and haggle with the sellers.

4. Rare things

At the exhibition, you will have the chance to buy equipment and accessories not only from major brands, widely represented on store shelves, but also things that rarely or never reach our country. In addition to factory products, we recommend that you take a closer look at small-scale hand-made stuff from private workshops.


5. More tourism.

The exhibition in general has grown bigger this year, but in particular, there has grown the number of booths representing safari yachts, dive resorts, dive centers and fishing bases from all over the world. Seize the great opportunity to have a look at the broad range and stake out a week in a fancy spot at a keen price. There will be dozens of closed events for dive business professionals organized by the tourist departments of the main "diving” countries, as well as by individual companies. On Friday, 11.00 Pedelnaya Glubina magazine will host a Business Breakfast at the conference hall 2. We will discuss a wide range of issues ? the main trends in dive tourism, how we are going to make money in 2018 and how to get into free trips with the magazine. For preliminary registration for all tourist activities, contact Ekaterina Novoseltseva at trip@diveshow.ru


6. Entertaining and yummy.

From morning till night, on the big screen of the main stage in the pavilion 4.1 (left pavilion), there will be screenings of the brightest movies and presentations prepared by teams of divers, spear-fishers and free-divers from all over the world. The large amphitheater around the stage is a good place to have rest from walks along the exhibition avenues and drink a cup of coffee or beer.

Food court will now take up the whole pavilion 4.2, the choice of food will be varied and tasty ? plan to grab a lunch or dinner at the exhibition. In addition to a variety of points with hot meals, there will be a separate Delicious Street ? a fair of delicacies and all kinds of yummy food. Smoked food, pickled food, sweets, fish and seafood, game and even oyster bar will not let you leave the exhibition hungry. To quench the thirst there will be beer, coffee, punch and mulled wine. Please note that control over the use of ardent spirits will be even stricter. It is strictly forbidden to bring along alcohol and drink it at the exhibition.

Saturday will have the most intense schedule with the culmination being an everyone's favorite ? the great Underwater Lottery which will be held at 6 pm on the main stage. You can win a lot of valuable and useful things – equipment, trips, trainings. Anyone can participate – just register (tap your wristband against EXPODAT terminals at the main stage starting from 5 pm Saturday. During the lottery watch the screen and if you see your name pop-up, hurry to the stage to get your prize.



7. Virtual reality and stereoscopic movies.


If you can’t be bothered to fly to far-off lands to see underwater wonders, you can just make a dive into the virtual reality zone on MoscowDiveShow2018 which thanks to the support of Airpano.com will feature a unique attraction ? a 360-degree panoramic video in 4K format with an awesome participation effect and realistic picture. Diving with white sharks, the flooded flotilla of the Truk lagoon, the underwater life of the tropical seas and much more, captured by special panoramic cameras.

No less interesting will be the stereoscopic movie zone of the Coral Reef project. Here the technology of shooting is different ? they use special stereo cameras and you need to wear special glasses for viewing, as in 3D cinemas.



8. Knowledge is power.

Recently, a long forgotten genre of open lectures has been revived in Russia. Now it is all the fashion to go not only to the theaters and cinemas, but also to lectures and master classes, where you can listen to experts and learn something new. The best of the best will give master classes in two conference rooms from morning till night during the exhibition. All events are free, exhibition tickets give you the right to visit exhibition every day, so draft your own educational plan.  Conference rooms are located between pavilions 4 and 4.1 (central and left pavilions). In early January, at diveshow.ru there will be available a big Events schedule with detailed description of the cultural program.


9. How to get to the exhibition?

There are two main options. The first one ? on foot from the main entrance to the Park Sokolniki, it’s a 5 minute walk at a leisurely pace. This is the best variant. The second option is to drive by car through the entrance, located across the 3rd Luchevoy proezd and park near the pavilion. The price is 500 rubles per day. On Saturday, the number of visitors peaks and traffic jams at the entrance tend to be huge, so on Saturday we strongly recommend using the first option. For those who will still choose to get to the exhibition by car, we will prepare parking lots at a guaranteed Saturday parking. There will be available two zones with 200 parking lots each. You will need to buy a ticket for a Saturday parking in advance at diveshow.ru.


10. We welcome visitors from all regions.

It would be good to hold many exhibitions, every week in a new city. Soon everything will be done by robots, people will have a lot of spare time, we will only dive and go to exhibitions. While this beautiful future has not arrived, exhibitions are held in one particular city. In France, it is Paris, in Germany ? Dusseldorf, and in Russia and neighboring countries the center of the exhibition movement is Moscow. Yes, of course, the people in France are richer and can easily afford to come from remote towns to an exhibition in Paris. However, we also can give you positive arguments ? February offers the lowest prices for flights across the country. For example, the options for exhibition dates: Samara-Moscow-Samara with S7 is RUB4,000 rubles, Perm-Moscow-Perm with Pobeda for RUB6,200 or Vladivostok-Moscow-Vladivostok with Aeroflot for RUB22,000. We are waiting for everyone in Moscow!

All news and events schedule on diveshow.ru

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