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Special offer from Kayuk brand

06 января 2018

Kayuk has prepared a special offer for the first visitors of Moscow Dive Show 2018: the first five sets of 600mm Kayuk-13 guns in standard trim will be sold at RUB9,900.

In 2015, Kayuk brand celebrated its 20th anniversary. The unique model of the gun used in different types of spearfishing was created by a Belorussian constructor Yuriy Kozlovtsev.

Kayuk guns:
- are corrosion resistant and designed to be used for spearfishing in saltwater;
- all metallic parts are made of corrosion resistant alloys;
- all plastic parts are made of impact-resistant polymer;
- all o-rings are standard and manufactured in accordance with industry standards (GOST);
- no individual manual adjustment of parts during assembly;
- guaranteed compliance and complete interchangeability of all spare parts;
- high reliability and durability;
- adjustable trigger creep;
- positive buoyancy after shot;
- an elegant unique ergonomic handle of the skeleton type favorably distinguishes a gun from a number of guns of all other local and foreign manufacturers;
-  handle shape makes for easy gun holding, even in a 7 mm glove;
- a safety can be installed to accommodate both right- and left-handed divers;
- exceptionally simple and reliable design of the trigger mechanism, allows, if necessary, quick replacement of worn parts and rubber gaskets in the field without special tools.

Kayuk booth - D 5/5
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