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Basic facts and figures of Moscow Dive Show 2019

04 Mar 2019

The 4th annual Moscow Dive Show stands for its name as the major scene for underwater people, now officially for water humans, not just divers. Same place, same week after Düssledorf's boot, but bigger and better than the year before. Below are the basic facts and figures to start counting the new season from.

The Moscow Divew Show 2019 has proven once again its well-deserved role as the major industry fair for Russia and the ex-USSR area. Leading players from both retail and diving tourism came together from all over Russia, Belorussia, Ukriane (despite all odds), the Baltic, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. Coming to Moscow is well convenient for doing business on there territories. Local markets are OK communicating via Moscow.

Visitors flow by Dive Show days and structure fo repeated visitors: based on Распределение потока по дням и структура повторных посещений: based on questionnaire of 7500+ respondents in the Moscow Dive Show 2019

Saturday is traditionally the most busy day, with peaked family attendance and most ntense entertainment. приходится пик и семейного посещения, и культурно-развлекательной программы. Registered repeated visitors (who have been attending the Moscow Dive Show in 2016, 2017, 2018) made up more that two thirds (71%), almost half of which (28%) are regular visitors with 2 or more Dive Shows attended.

The result of the pre-show promo campaign: higher share of visitors from other cities outside the capital area who traveled to Moscow for the Dive Show weekend.

Where newcomers and repeaters are from: based on questionnaire of 7500+ respondents in the Moscow Dive Show 2019

The new rapidly growing sector of the Moscow Dive Show is sails, boats, boards: in 2019 premiered under the new very own brand Water Sport Salon. The dive regatta is now the trending format for diving, along with daily diving from the shore and liveaboard diving.

Triple premiere in the Moscow Diver Show 2019: Water Sport Salon as the new yachting sector, the trendy sail stage and screen, and Michael Koizhukov, a renowned traveler and TV host, as a featured speaker

A quality gap in catering: a dedicated hall for exquisite domestic seafood, and a the one and only Moscow-based seafood truck.

Both the visitors and the exhibitors liked the shrimp-and-fish snacks served by deomestic seafood caterers

The th annual Moscow Dive Show has shown a cumulated traffic of 22 thousand visitors in 4 days, including almost one thousand dive pros, i.e. dive business owners, dive club and dive shop managers and active dive instructors.

Certification agencies where instructors belong to: based on questionnaire of 7500+ respondents in the Moscow Dive Show 2019

Paperless reistration with Expodat terminals is widely appreciated as very convenient

220+ exhibitors came from over 20 countries, including e.g. Italy, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Maldives, Indinesia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan and China.

First time to show flag in the Moscow Dive Show: Isotta, a traditional Italian family enterprise, is a progressive manufacturer of underwater housings

Two stages and two conference rooms hosted over two dozens speakers, among them three ambassadors: world record scuba diver Ahmed Gabr, freediving champion Alexey Molchanov, award-winning wildlife photographer Mike Korostelev, and, to name just a few, freediving champions Natalia Avseyenko, Marina Kazankova, Yulia Petrik, TV presenter and explorer Michael Kozhukhov.

The joint stage show of the two ambassadors, world record athlets Ahmed Gabr and Alexey Molchanov, was a great success

The entertainment program of the Show featured over 30 hours of video, covering both underwater and yaching. Special effort has been invested into keeping the kids well busy: theater shows in the morning, edutainment presentations of the underwater macroworld, VR submerge with 3D glasses and the traditional underwater drawing corner.

The show has to stand for its name: two screens, two stages, intense screening and presentation schedule, everyhting to keep the visitors entertained and to spent the time in the venue with maximum efficiency.

Full house success was the medical presentation program, with pro MDs in otolaryngology, cardioreanimation, hyperbaric oxygenation. All presentation have been taped and uoploaded to the Moscow Dive Show Youtube channel. The two conference halls hosted two dozens of speciality seminars and master classes, including underwater photography. The photo exhibition set a new record featuring over 200 images.

Beside new shots of underwater pro and amateur photgraphers, there was a dedicated section featuring Olympus brand ambassadors and a special memorial wall for the late underwater artist Dmitry Vinogradov.

A collction of waterproof prints has been presented by Viktor Lyagushkin, leading underwater pro photographer. After the Dive Show these prints have been placed under ice in the White Sea, to form the world's first subglacial photo exhibition.

For the Moscow Dive Show 2019, Sony has been one of the partners, with the newest cameras and lenses being showcased on the corporate booth, next to which Meikon / SeaFrogs presentented corrsponding underater housings.

Alexey Fomin (Meikon) and underwater photograoher Alexander Aristakhov with SeaFrogs housings for Sony cameras

A wider variety both of certification agencies and of travel destiantions is an important observation. New faces, new international brands, and, most valuable, domestic manufacturers. Waht make the Show unique: things are shown yet not availbale neither in retial shops nor in official web stores.

Lead weights made in Lipetsk by aquagruz.ru are shaped for divers, freedivers, spearfishers

New opportunities for domestic dive travel: Kamchatka-based operation Peleken was the featured partner of the Show, and the rising star of the Water Sport Salon was Kosatka Cruises, with sailing and diving itineraries aroiund Kamchatka. Cold water is full in: the White Sea and the Barents Sea in teh Northwest, the Sea of Japan in the Far East.


New statistics for preferred destiantions still shows the overwhelming popularity of Egypt despite limited air connections.

Where Russin divers traveled for diving, top 10: В каких странах ныряли отечественные дайверы в 2018 году (топ-10): based on questionnaire of 7500+ respondents in the Moscow Dive Show 2019

At least 9 out of 10 divers went diving abroad in 2018, with 42% being diving in Egypt, and ⅔ of these (28%) have not traveled elsewhere, just to Egypt. The overall geography of travel is highly segmented: the top 10 destination cover around 77% of the dive travel variety, the top 20 as much as 89%. Remarkable destinations beyond the top 10 are: Jordan / Aqaba, Spain, Greece, the Seychelles. A considerable factor of popularity are regular non-stop flights: only the Philippines (and the Red Seas coast of Egypt) in the top 10 do not have direct flights from Moscow, while there is a direct flight to Bali and a direct charter to the Dominican Republic.

The Philippines to consider featured partner country status for 2020: Ambassador Carlos Sorreta came to visit the Moscow Dive Show


The 5th Moscow Dive Show 2020 is scheduled for February 6th to 9th, Thursday to Sunday. Same venue, Sokolniki Convention Center, halls 4, 4.1 and 4.2, almost 10 thousand square meters. Early May the floor plan is to renew, and all booths not backed by depo are released for instant booking.

The mail for submission and enquiries is sale@diveshow.ru – and all updates posted to moscowdiveshow.ru

PS: enjoy the exhibitors' live testimonials