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Thematic days on Moscow Dive Show

26 октября 2019

Hello! My name is Elena Gerasimova, I supervise all events that should take place on the stages and in the conference halls of Moscow Dive Show 2020. Every year we try to organize not just one more ordinary exhibition, but a great festival, real celebration of water activities in all its forms and manifestations.

This year, just like in 2019, every day of the exhibition will be themed:

February 6 (Thursday) - Underwater medicine. Techno, Cave, Rack;

February 7 (Friday) - Yachting. Kiting. Surfing. Speleodiving. World dive tourism;

February 8 (Saturday) - Diving. Diving for kids. Underwater hunting;

February 9 (Sunday) - Underwater photography. Freediving.

What speeches, lectures and master classes of the past years would you like to repeat?

Who would you like to see this year on the stage?

What topics would be relevant?

We will be very grateful for your feedback and any recommendations!
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