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We are looking for heroes of depth!

10 но€бр€ 2019

Let's get ready to rumble! The Moscow Dive Show ambassadors Ahmed Gabr and Alexey Molchanov will be on the stage once again soon. But this time, the heroes of the last exhibition will be members of the jury, and they will chouse new heroes of depth Ч divers, freedivers and underwater hunters who have done something outstanding in 2019. 

Who can become our hero? 

Diver, freediver, underwater hunter Ч someone who has done something outstanding underwater.

We know some such heroes and will be glad to see them on Moscow Dive Show 2020 main stage:
Ernst Antonov Ч scuba diving in galleries;
Andrey Matveenko Ч recordsman of subglacial breath-hold diving;
Dmitry Pavlenko Ч diver with quadruple amputation, making independent dives;
Alexandr Gubin Ч ice diving with scuba;
Marina Kazankova Ч underwater Guinness world records.

Propose yourself, your colleagues and friends as candidate. 
It doesn't matter where the record was set. 
Ч If it was the very first time;
Ч If no one has dived there before;
Ч If no one caught that before;
Ч And if it's something really special:
Let us know at pr@diveshow.ru

Important: each nominated hero should personally visit our exhibition on the day of the battle. We will invite him to the stage, where the titled jury members, the host of the battle and the audience will ask their questions. In addition, we will ask you to provide a video or photo presentation to present the record on the big screen. 

Each hero will receive his prize. And someone, recognized as the most heroic record holder of this evening, by the jury (Gabr and Molchanov) together with the audience and the host of the battle Klim Kolosov, will receive a special Grand Prize.

It will be a battle of achievements and an opportunity to tell about yourself, your records and your plans. 

Let's find the real heroes of depth 2020 together!
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