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TRITON — the new participant of Moscow Dive Show!

02 декабря 2019

TRITON is a new progressive European brand with specialization on professional equipment for spearfishing and freediving.

Based in Latvia, TRITON exports products all over the world. The equipment has unique design, developed and tested in different conditions: from cold Northern waters to hot Australian seas.

TRITON is on the market for the first year, but it's equipment has already set more than 10 national records in different countries of the world. Athletes dived in TRITON and in carbon fins deeper than 90 meters and mentioned that the double flipper speed was comparable to the speed of monofin.

The full range of equipment will be presented at the R1/6 booth:
— High-tech carbon blades in different modifications and designs.
— Triton fins with custom galoshes.
— Premium wetsuits for underwater hunters and freedivers.
— Professional freediving buoys in different sizes.
— Buoys for Blue Water hunting.
— Premium neoprene accessories.
— Lines.
— Belts.
— Snorkeling clothes and casual wear in classic brand design.

Do not miss the opportunity to be the first who see the revolutionary solutions and conceptually new projects of our brand, specially designed for presentation at the Moscow Dive Show 2020.

You can get acquainted with the catalog of products of the young promising brand directly in the profile of the company on the website of Moscow Dive Show http://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/682/
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