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MPD — the regular participant of Moscow Dive Show

15 декабря 2019

MPD is the official dealer of Salvimar, an Italian manufacturer of products for spearfishing. The product assortment of this brand is quite wide — ranging from guns and wetsuits to the smallest components and accessories. The guns are the special pride of the company. Salvimar crossbows and air guns for spearfishing are in upper division from a technical point of view to this date. They are super reliable! Three years of sales and no claims with any defect or broken gun, addressed neither under the guarantee nor after its termination.

MPD will participate in the exhibition for the third time, hoping to attract the attention of wholesalers. Wholesalers, score up!

In the corporate booth MPD will present both the favorite goods and the brand new one items, which have never been sold in Russia before — the specialities of 2020! Private buyers would have good discounts if they purchase right at the exhibition, and discount vouchers for further purchases in the retail store.

And one lucky devil will get a special prize from MPD! What prize? It's a big secret!
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