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Egypt at Moscow Dive Show 2020

16 декабр€ 2019

Every year we ask visitors of the Show: "Where did you dive this year?Ф. And Egypt has always been on the top of the list since the very first such a pool, leaving other diving destinations behind with an impressive gap.

It used to be the time when by the moment of the inquiry 90% of respondents had already visited the "near and dearФ Red Sea shores, at least once for the year.

Later, after the political situation shifted, these figures became less impressive, but Egypt still holds the 1 st place in the range of places where Russian people are going to dive.

Eliminating direct flights scaled back the flow of divers to the country, but did not stop it.
The price is always the best, beating all the competitors!

Ч There are the flights with change in Minsk or Istanbul
Ч A lot of diving centers with Russian-speaking instructors, guides and employees, as well as a powerful Russian diving community on the whole
Ч Despite the footprint of tourists, the Red Sea remains abundant and beautiful.
Ч There are assorted dive sites for every taste and experience - from the most delicate intro dives near coastal reefs with colorful fish to serious dives with really dangerous longimanus sharks.

What else do we need for happiness?
Just to see at least the thaw in relations between the Russian Federation and Egypt at political level and win back easy and chip direct charter flights.

The Moscow Dive Show has always had a plenty of participants representing Egyptian diving centers and safari boats. And this year will not be an exception. Some of them have already booked their booths at The Show and now are busy arranging their special offers for the visitors, among them the following:
Ч Easy Divers Sharm El Sheikh Ч booth N 5/1
Ч XDI-Club Red Ч booth G 1/8
Ч Diving in Dahab Ч booth G 2/6
Ч Dolphin Dive Center Чbooth F 6/6
Ч Rusafaga Dive Club Ч booth F 6/4
Ч Sadko Dive Center Ч booth F 6/3

We are looking forward to seeing our Egyptian friends at the largest exhibition for a Water Man!
It is not too late yet to book your booth and to bring back home the big roll of money of Russian divers.

Hurry up!
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