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Maldives at the Moscow Dive Show 2020

17 декабря 2019

It is still more than seven weeks before the exhibition opens its doors, but we already can announce for granted that Maldives have become the leading destination in terms of number ofexhibitors, which confirmed their participation.

And we are not surprised.
This place is a real paradise with its abundance of rare marine animals and fish, untouched atolls, exotic landscapes and mild climate all year round. The elongated shape of the archipelago makes it possible for each region of it to have the unique charm and "shtick".The average cost of a direct (!) flight from Moscow by Aeroflot is about 34 thousand Rubles. And even better, this November we evidenced a special offer that was only 26 thousand per ticket. So, it turns into a real maritime vocation on a safari boat for 1600 to 2800 USD for 10 days (standard cabin accommodation) only. You can afford it, don't you?

We welcome you to the Moscow Dive Show 2020 to ask the price, get acquainted with service providers, bargain for the best offer and make bookings, as well as to receive particulars at first hand at the following booths:
* Fuvahmulah DIVE School — booth N 2/2 (diving with tiger sharks)
* Maldive.tours — booth N 1/2
* Marselia Star — booth F 6/5 (dive safari on yacht)
* Plumeria Hotels and Resorts — booth E 4/2 (hotel and dive center)
* Oceanholic Maldives — booth F 3/3 (sport fishing, swimming with dolphins, diving with whale sharks)
* Emperor Fleet — booth P 1/2
* Dive boat SSI Sublife (Maldives) — booth C 3/1
* The Varu Inn — booth G 2/3 (guest houses in the Maldives)
* Maldiviana — booth F 7/1 (hotelboat, tours "on a turnkey ready basis")
* Emperor Fleet — booth P 1/2
Don't forget to drop into Maldives booths at the Show to make your new trip unforgettable!

Let us use this chance to give regards to our Maldivian friends and hint them pointedly that there is still a bit of time (and exhibition space) to book their booth!
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