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Moscow Dive Show 2021

07 Nov 2020

Meanwhile the world is the COVID-19 storm, the Moscow Dive Show team keeps working painstakingly on preparation of the April 2021 edition of the exhibition, namely we improve the web site, develop new effective communication options to facilitate exhibitors and attendees interaction, select possible participants of the Heroes of Depth Saturday Battle, daily contact our existing and new exhibitors trying to achieve some perfect decisions in these imperfect times

News on the Show Preparation

The main question common for both, exhibitors and attendees alike, is as following weather enough participants do plan to be there, or not. So, now we are proud to report that the picture is better than we have forecasted, and 60% of booths booking are confirmed by deposits, 15% are under negotiations and 25% vacant booths cover temporary closed countries Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Exhibitors representing these countries will make their decisions on participation in a real time manner, up until the very first day of the Show.

By the way, we would like to take this advantage to welcome and introduce our new exhibitors which confirmed their participation during October - Diver Voice (Golos Daivera), Duslate, Divefreedom, SANTI.

Diver Voice will present exceptional Russian invention, the DAT 18 (dive and talk) sound underwater communication device "DIVE AND TALK, intended to facilitate communication between scuba divers, divers at depths of up to 100 meters and at a distance between them up to 35 meters. The device directly emits sound vibrations of human speech of 400-5000 Hz into water. A special emitter transmits the divers speech into the water and everyone under water can hear it without any additional devices. A special microphone made in Russia can be left in sea and fresh water for prolonged period and it does not transmit noise from the breathing apparatus.
The signal amplification scheme and the algorithm for changing the frequency amplification developed by the specialists of the company Voice of the Diver provide confident perception of a persons speech under water, which is significantly perverted by a diving mask. They asked not to publish the photo of the gadget before the start of the Moscow Dive Show 2021, on the image you can see the first human experiments with sound transmission in the aquatic environment.

DUSLATE is another exceptional invention of Russian design engineers. The worlds first electronic diving slate, aimed to replace common plastic and magnetic slates and make diving and diving training more comfortable and efficient. Among main advantages of the product are high contrast screen, light weight and extremely low power consumption. DUSLATE has already won a silver medal at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. In the October issue of The Ultimate Depth 5/2020 magazine we published overview of our DUSLATE test performed in Kaliningrad.

Divefreedom Club was founded in 2013 and now it is located in a scenic place on the shores of the border sea of the Arctic Ocean at the "Sly Cod recreation center. The dive center has everything for dives: zodiacs, compressor, air tanks and weight belts. After diving they offer their guests to relax and recover in a comfortable and cozy log house with all the amenities and a private sauna. By the way, they welcome not only divers, but fish hunters as well, whether fishermen or spearfishing lovers.

SANTI. The popular Polish manufacturer of dry suits and accessories will present all the latest novelty products and bestsellers of their collections. Every day of the show Russian headquarters of SANTI will take measurements for individual tailoring, offer special show-exclusive prices for ready-made equipment, provide service maintenance and communicate with all those interested parties at their booth.

We are very glad to welcome not only underwater companies, but our fellows in overwater activities as well among exhibitors. Mikhail Voronov of Try Sail says: We executed dozens of contracts for yacht sailing training during the Moscow Dive Show 2020. It was so pity that COVID-19 took the wind out of our sails and not all of our clients turned into skippers. Though now we are an experienced exhibitor of the Moscow Dive Show, and in April 2021 we are going to communicate and engage both, yachting beginners and professionals, much more actively. We have already booked our booth in the best hall location, near the main stage and food court. We were very excited to know that the Show had changed the venue, Gostiny Dvor, as we think, is a perfect place for an event of the kind..

Your Perfect Booths

Its a high time to catch the best point on the exhibition floor plan. Segmentation is aimed to help attendees in their quick navigation through the exposition. So take a look on vacant booths at every sector. We have prepared the best ideas for each of them.

Diving and Diving Travel Sector: Booths B7/2 (12sq.m) and 11/2 (24sq.m) are located on a central passage with enlarged up to 4m width. Smaller booths 5/2, 6/3 and 6/3 (9sq.m) are located opposite the large diving photos exposition which attracts a lot of attendees.

Diving Equipment Sector: Here we will host the maximum number of manufacturers and sellers per square meter at the very center of the exposition on lines and D. Booths D5/3 (10sq.m) and D8/3& D8/4 (12sq.m) are really located perfectly.

Spearfishing and Freediving Sectors are located on lines R and E. Please consider booths R3/2 and R3/3 (9sq.m), as well as 1/3 and 1/4 that are situated within the very entrance area.

Under WATER SPORT SALON Sector with all overwater activities - yachting, surfing, kiting, boating - occupies the right side of lines F and E. Booths 7/3 (12sq.m) and E6/2 (9sq.m) take advantage of a central and of a corner location of the Sector respectively.

Small booths of 4 and 6 sq.m. are situated along line F. Usually they are sold out several months before the Show. So, choose the best of them right now.

The image presents a standard booth equipment, high back wall, information desks, tables and cheers, fascia, sockets, utility room with door (for booths of 15sq.m and more). All the equipment is included in price.

Please find the current overview of the booths available for booking (marked with blue color) on the floor plan by the link. Just click a booth there to reserve it for one week and transfer us the security deposit amounting to 20% of the total booth price within the same week.

Do not hesitate to ask any of your questions to Emil Latypov, the Chief of Booth Booking&Construction, by email emil@diveshow.ru


Large promo campaign is to be launched on the 1st of December. From this first day of winter we will start to post organisers and exhibitors news on a daily basis. By the way, we would like to remind you that even now we will be happy to tell about new exhibits, promo offers and events of the Moscow Dive Show 2021 exhibitors to followers of the Moscow Dive Show official accounts on Facebook, Instagram and VK. The Show is not only about four busy days in Gostiny Dvor, but it is also about the daily news topic for a communication with your partners and clients. So, please send your news to our email: pr@diveshow.ru

Exhibitions Around the Globe

Lets take a look at the trade shows landscape in Russia and around the Globe. This autumn Gostiny Dvor hosted six exhibits, two other big exhibition venues were booked up as well - Moscow Expocenter and Crocus Expo keep going in line with preplanned events dates. Main European Shows - French Salon de la Plongee (January 8-11, Paris) and German Boot Show Dusseldorf (January 23-31, Dusseldorf) are actively prepared to be held. A few days ago, Organizing Committee of the Boot Dusseldorf held a large on-line meeting with the upcoming exhibition exhibitors and attendees, where the organisers told in detail about all the sanitary control and safety measures in the pavilions, which had already been successfully implemented at the Caravan exhibition held in September (though many events in Europe had been cancelled, this huge exhibition of autocampers was held and attracted a lot of visitors). Germans organisers are extremely determined and charge the world around them with their confidence. In addition to the myriad of watercrafts, forming the pillar of the Show, German Boot Show Dusseldorf 2021 will give two separate pavilions to diving and this is super good news.

We reviewed the field and found that the most of diving exhibitions scheduled to be held in February 2021 were prepared according to the plan. The only exemptions were the Coventry Show, that had changed the dates to September, and Chicago Show, that had set no new dates.

February 5-7, 2021 Duikvaker Nederland Dive Show duikvaker.nl

February 12-14, 2020 Madrid More Aqua Show New Spain Dive Show feriamas.com

February 15-17, 2021 San-Diego Oceanology International Americas American Edition of the World Conference on Oceanology and Marine Technology, Including Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy oceanologyinternationalamericas.com

February 19-21, 2021 Barcelona Salón de la Inmersion Spain Dive Show held for 20 years mdivingshow.com

February 23-25, 2021 , Subsea Expo 2019 Professional Exhibition for Diving and Commercial Diving, Including remotely operated vehicles. subseaexpo.com

February 26-28, 2021 Kuala Lampur DRT Show Malaysia drtexpo.com/malaysia

February, 2021 Coventry Go Diving Show UPDATE! New dates: September 3-5, 2021 Brand new ambitious Dive Show with Star speakers and interactive activities godivingshow.com

February, 2021 Chicago, Illinois Dates for 2021 to be announced later Chicago Dive & Travel Show 50th Anniversary Dive Tourism Fair supported by the Our World Underwater association with Film Festival and Workshops ourworldunderwater.com

For entire schedule of trade shows for 2021 please refer the following link .

"My dear Friends! For 5 years of the Moscow Dive Show's history, we have been all about its constant developing and improving. Weve made our best to make it profitable and comfortable for the industry professionals, and delightful and overwhelmed with really exclusive goods and services offers for visitors. But, perhaps, the most important of our achievements is the unique festive atmosphere of a meeting point for all the water activities lovers. You cant but agree that not every commercial event manages to awake an echo in peoples hearts.
COVOD-19 upsets plans, but we do trust in victory of good over evil, and do believe that it happens in a short time. We are looking forward to see you at the best water man exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe the Moscow Dive Show 2021, Gostiny Dvor, April 8-11.

Georgy Zdanovsky, Head of the Moscow Dive Show georgy@diveshow.ru