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Registration of professionals badges

14 Jan 2021

For the attention of divemasters, diving and freediving instructors and skippers! Registration of professionals for the Moscow Dive Show 2021 will open on January 15 and will stop on March 15, 2021. Hurry up to fill out the form and get a free ticket to the main water exhibition of the country.


To register a PROFESSIONAL badge from January 15 to March 15, follow the link http://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/profi/, fill out the form, send your data by clicking the "Submit application" button, download the exhibition banner and publish it on your social media page.


This year, a truck with PROFESSIONAL badges turned over in your street too. To register a badge, you need to follow the link http://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/profi/, fill out the form indicating your certificate number and the corresponding training system, download the exhibition banner and place it on your social media page.


Yacht skippers of any training system can fill out a form on the website http://watersport.salon/profi/ and receive their SKIPPER badge with a free access to the exhibition.

Attention! The Certificate of State Inspection of Small Boats giving the right to operate a small craft does not entitle you to receive a SKIPPER badge.


Registration will stop on March 15, and after that date it will not be possible to obtain a PROFESSIONAL badge.
The badge is personalized (!) and free of charge; it gives free multi-entry admission to the exhibition during working hours 8 to 11 April 2021.
The badge will be handed over at the first visit to the exhibition; along with it, you will receive a wristband with an EXPODAT electronic tag, containing all the data entered during registration. The badge and wristband will not work separately, so transferring one or the other to third parties doesnt make sense.
To receive your badge, you should present a printout of your registration confirmation and a valid instructor / divemaster / skipper certificate.
Certification level data and certificate number entered during registration will be transmitted to the corresponding training systems for verification. False or incorrect data will lead to automatic cancellation of registration.
To make our cooperation mutually beneficial, we ask you to place the exhibition banner on your social media pages and/or your websites; you can download the banner while filling out the registration form. The absence of the banner on your page may lead to cancellation of registration.

Register in advance!

Dont forget to tell your colleagues about the registration!

Read the Registration Rules carefully!