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Moscow Emits Spring Vibes from the Depth of Winter

10 Feb 2021

Since last autumn, all the American and European dive shows were striking down by Covid-19 one by one; the Boot Dusseldorf was the last one to surrender. Snowstorms covered half of the world from New York to Amsterdam completing the Apocalypse-like picture from a Hollywood blockbuster; however we still believe in the soon recovery of the planet, breaking through cold and ice. The first large-scale event of the industry restarting the exhibition activity will become the Moscow Dive Show 2021, scheduled to be held the 8th to 11th of April in the best exhibition venue of Moscow, Gostiny Dvor.

Good News in General

The public shows, events and exhibitions were unlocked to be held in Moscow on the 25th of January. From the 2nd of February exhibitions are held in Gostiny Dvor as preplanned.
The curve of COVID cases in Moscow and Russia is going down, and every day brings next portion of optimism in terms of statistical data.
Vaccination is picking up steam, and the Moscow authorities consider it possible to cancel all remaining restrictions in two or three months. Restaurants and clubs are already allowed to work at night.
Russians continue to travel actively, and in the Maldives tourists from Russia won the top position in the rating, by a large margin.

Good News on Preparation of the Moscow Dive Show 2021

Exhibition booths are being booked actively. As of the 8th of February, more than 75% of the booths booking requests were confirmed.
The organizing committee offers special sports visas for foreign participants; they only need to choose a proper flight.
More than 70% of regular visitors confirmed their intention to visit the exhibition again in April. People are tired of the pandemic and are looking forward to come to live exhibition with enthusiasm.
The full activities program for the main stage and conference rooms will be published by the 20th of February. Over 60 events and film screenings have already been arranged.
For the first time a special section of the Moscow Dive Show will be dedicated to professional diving: leading companies, relevant government services and volunteer associations will present diving equipment and supplies, technologies and training methods.

End Even More Good News

For the Show open days we are making our best to arrange for you a really nice sunny weather with a breeze and +15C , and blooming of the first spring flowers at Moscow flower beds ;).
We have chosen new official hotel of the Show, Penta Hotel Moscow, which is one of the most stylish hotels in the area. A double room accommodation at a special discount for the Show participants will cost 50 euros only.

See you in springtime Moscow!

News on preparation and booths booking are available on www.moscowdiveshow.ru