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The Rebreather Conference at the Moscow Dive Show 2021

23 Mar 2021

The First Rebreather Conference the second part of the program designed for professionals - will start at a conference room on April, 9, after The Time of Rebreathers. A Big Talk is completed at the main stage. The conference is designed to provide more intimate space for a professional discussion.

The number of participants of the conference shall be limited by the rooms capacity, so registration shall be required.

On April 9, 18:00 to 20:00, in the cosy atmosphere of a conference room speakers and spectators will be welcomed to exchange their views and opinions on a wide range of issues related to the development of rebreathers market in Russia and all over the world. It will be a unique opportunity to meet in one place all prominent representatives of the most high-tech diving sector.

Two one-hour sessions with a coffee-break are scheduled. Take a look at five agenda items of the event:
sidemount and backmount rebreathers for deep open-water diving;
sidemount and backmount rebreathers in cave diving;
advantages of rebreathers small size and the possibility of its transportation as a luggage, as well as the possibility of applying it in exotic countries with a lack of high-quality diving service;
development of rebreather production in Russia;
safety of rebreathers; world system-level problems in rebreather diving training and ways of their solutions.

Moderator: Sergey Baykov (TDE)

Sergey Baykov (TDE);
Alena Mamontova (Liberty);
Olga Dmitrievich (Poseidon);
Alena Mamontova (Liberty);
Egor Godionenko (AquaBreather);
Sergey Gorpinyuk (Smart Dive);
Alexey Mikhin (DiveIndustry);
Maksim Kuznetsov (Dive Rite);
Vadim Shapovalov (TDE).

The conference room capacity is 100 people. Pre-registration is required! Register right now by the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GoS2-vO0mpIO6S76TPlNh4vdEAoT72YRTqcXsP7CWOU/viewform?edit_requested=true