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10.06, 2015
The new participant - the Deep Wreck company. Deep Wreck company - Rostov and Black Sea dive-center, and also producer of equipment and accessories for diving and spearfishing. On the market of dive-industry since 2007.
09.29, 2015
Collector's attic. If you will come to us on the C 1/1 booth, you will be able to find badges, coins, cards, documents, photos, not very expensive subjects of a vintage and antiques, to see subjects from the childhood, adolescence, youth and the country of the USSR which is already not present to the card...
09.28, 2015
Advertising campaign at high speeds. The new publication in the I Fly magazine - the airline of the same name which enters ten largest carriers in Russia. The main directions of charter carrier - Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria.
09.23, 2015
The RuDIVE group of companies confirmed participation at an exhibition. The RuDIVE group of companies provides services in the sphere of diving training and diving tourism since 1996. We will organize immersions from Antarctica to the North Pole and travel to the wildest corners of the globe. We always put interests of our divers, pupils and tourists above all Ч and if you are happy then we work not for nothing.
09.22, 2015
Diving safari on the Marselia Star yacht. Maldives Ч this is one of the best places in the world, for such enterprises as diving tours with a so-called factor of "Robinson Crusoe" Ч travel on desert islands, possibility of merge with the nature, rare feeling of isolation from the civilized world, immersion in the space weaved from blue heavens, sand with color of snow and emerald water of unusual transparency.
09.21, 2015
A school of spearfishing and freediving of Yury Smolnikov is on Moscow Dive Show. Spearfishing and freediving, as well as any other type of difficult activity, demands training. To avoid a set of mistakes, to receive the necessary base of theoretical and practical skills, formed by years, to avoid expenses on improper, low-quality and not safe equipment, the School of spearfishing and freediving of Yury Smolnikov was organized.
09.18, 2015
We welcome a new participant - shop, club and travel agency Tiger. Wholesale and retail trade of equipment for diving and spearfishing. Training in diving, spearfishing, and also organization and support of departures of diving and spearfishing worldwide. A12/1 booth.
09.17, 2015
The new participant, diving center BaikalTek invites who is interested in sever, but wonderful world of Baikal. Everything about the Baikal diving. When it is better to arrive, where to dive, what safari to choose and how to swim with a seal with guarantee. Subglacial diving, diving - expeditions, a relax - diving and difficult technical immersions. The Baikal school of deep-water immersions, courses and master classes on dip-diving. This and many other things at our B3/5 booth.
09.16, 2015
The diving center "The Truth about Diving" is a new Crimean participant. The diving center has two full-fledged bases for the organization of immersions in the Crimea: in Balaklava and Sevastopol. They are located at distance of 20 km from each other. If you will look at Crimea card, it is possible to see what a huge part of the coast was organized for diving. The booth B1/6.


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