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12.09, 2015
The Federation of Freediving in Russia on Moscow Dive Show. The Federation of Freediving -is the first internationally recognized independent school of freediving in Russia. The federation unites fans and professionals of free immersion with a delay of breath and successfully introduces in life author's techniques of training of the world famous champion and world record-holder on a freediving Natalya Molchanova.
12.08, 2015
We meet the new participant - the dive-center Underwater World, Cyprus. The Underwater World dive-center is unique in Cyprus as training is in Russian by skilled Russian-speaking instructors, with all training materials translated into Russian. Our dive-center is in 40 minutes from the worldfamous ferry Zenobia which is at an ideal depth for recreational divers - from 17m to 42 m.
12.04, 2015
What will be at an exhibition? Dear friends, we start a series of publications in which we will tell in detail what is possible to buy, what interesting actions to visit and how to plan the visit of Moscow Dive Show. At this time tickets will be valid for repeated pass, that is for all four days of work of an exhibition!
11.25, 2015
"Sakhalin Diving" - is a new participant of Moscow Dive Show. Our club of fans of scuba diving "Sakhalin Diving" is located on the island of Sakhalin, one of the most extreme regions of our huge homeland. You think that Sakhalin is far on the edge of the earth Ц absolutely not, only eight hours of flight on a comfortable airliner and you are on a visit.
11.25, 2015
Sindbad Diving Club is a magic world of the Red Sea. Open for yourself the magic world of the Red Sea and the Kingdom of Jordan! The Dive center is located in the most picturesque place of the Gulf of Akaba. Nearby there is a set of the interesting dive sites. Immersions are possible both from the coast, and from the boat.
11.23, 2015
Black Sea Divers is a new participant. The Black Sea Divers dive-center is located on the bank of cozy Balaklava Bay. The sphere of our activity is training in scuba diving from the beginner to professional. The Dive-center has comfortable boat, all necessary equipment, two compressors providing preparations of air and Nitrox.
11.12, 2015
The Crimean school of diving on Moscow Dive Show. The Crimean school of diving, the only diving center PADI in Sevastopol (PADI-24194). The organization of technical and recreational immersions in Sevastopol, Balaklava and in the water area of the Crimean peninsula. Recreational and technical safaris of a VIP-class on The Black and Mediterranean seas. Training to recreational, technical and rebrizer diving according to the PADI, NDL, PSAI, GUE programs.
11.10, 2015
We meet new participant - Sychiki dive-center. The Sychiki diving center is located in 150 km from Moscow on Minskoye Highway. Provides full range of services for the organization of comfortable year-round diving and rest. The main advantage of the center Ц its arrangement. The blue lake is distinguished from analogs situated near Moscow with the purity Ц visibility in winter to 12 meters, in summer Ц 5-7 and depth Ц to 21 meters.


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