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09.13, 2015
The international association SDI TDI ERDI - new participants. It was created in 1994 as the association suggesting to expand possibilities of recreational diving by using of the enriched air, gas mixes, the advanced configuration of the equipment and application of the advanced technologies in diving, including rebrizer. Later two other directions - SDI (Scuba Diving International) and ERDI (Emergency Responce Diving International) were open for recreational divers - action in case of emergency, rescue of people in extreme situations.
09.10, 2015
Welcome NAUI on Moscow Dive Show. NAUI - the oldest, most respectable and second-large diving school in the world. Registered in 1959 as noncommercial association which chose the motto "Safety Immersions Through Education", NAUI is recognized innovator and the leader in training of divers in the world. The SD-Diving club is the service center of NAUI association in Russia.
09.05, 2015
Malaysia on Moscow Dive Show. Dear friends! Im glad to welcome you on behalf of National office of Malaysian tourism. During last years diving is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and Russia is not an exception. The National office of Malaysian tourism is glad to take part in such an interesting and useful event as Moscow Dive Show and happy to tell guests of an exhibition about limitless possibilities for diving in Malaysia. We are waiting for you! Tourism attache, Nur Zuliya Mohammed
07.29, 2015
The shop Batiskaf- this is the first place that visitors will see entering through the check-in zone. We will try not to pass you through! Real discounts on old collections and top novelties on good prices. The whole line of such brands as Beuchad, Scorpena, Suuto is available in Batiscaf! The booth A5/1 Malaysia approved partnertship in Moscow Dive Show.
07.29, 2015
New exhibitors Sublife waits anybody at the booth A9/2 - many reliable and comfortable neoprene for every taste. Price , as always, very, very peaceful .
07.14, 2015
We started an advertising campaign on Facebook.
07.13, 2015
New partner New info-partner - internet-magazine "Octopus".


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