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Philippines at the Moscow Dive Show 2017

26 октября 2016

Start your adventure that you will not forget the rest of your life, whether you are a diver, or just a tourist. Discover the Philippines, the Russian hotel and DeLuna dive center, is located on the quiet and secluded Talipanan beach in Puerto Galera. DeLuna diving center - the first and only center on the island of Mindoro, where the Russian-speaking instructors work constantly.

Here you can explore the underwater world of the Philippines, find 580 of the 793 existing species of coral, 12,000 species of molluscs and 1,200 different kinds of coral fish, which is significantly more than you can see in the Caribbean Sea and the Great Barrier Reef!

If you are tired of civilization and large crowds, if you want a homely and relaxed atmosphere – this is the destination for you. Our hotel is for those who appreciate high-quality diving, with the sound of the sea 10 meters away! DeLuna is waiting for you to visit.

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