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Журнал «Мир подводной охоты»

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Web site: http://podvoh.ru
E-mail: prodaja@podvoh.ru

"The world of Spearfishing" is published since 2003 and still is the only Russian-language glossy magazine entirely devoted to all aspects of fresh-water and sea spearfishing, a freediving and underwater photo/video filming. Main aims of the magazine – are to give useful information to beginners and to inform skilled dirty tricks on novelties of equipment and interesting places for spearfishing. The word "dirty trick" (reduction from the Underwater Hunter) was thought up then in 2003 for the site podvoh.ru Later it densely became current submariners and became neologism signifying underwater hunters.

The magazine has the following sections:

- "News". Everething, concerning the dirty tricks of life.

- "Sport". Championships, Cups, Festivals.

- "Equipment". Review of novelties, tests.

- "Reservoirs". Description of the concrete rivers, lakes and seas. Expeditions and travel.

- We "hunt". Tactics and strategy of hunting for fish in different conditions. Fresh-water, sea and oceanic hunting.

- "Book of National Underwater Records".

- "Way of a dirty trick". The section devoted to stories of readers.

- "Underwater photo&video". Practical work of underwater shooting. Review of novelties.

- "Freediving".

Except the issue of the magazine, the movies about spearfishing which are issued as a DVD-application to the magazine are shot.

The magazine will organize forwarding trips on trophy spearfishing across Russia and the world.

The magazine appears once in two months. Extends in all large cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Estonia.

The electronic version of the magazine on ru .zinio.com

Official site of the podvoh.ru magazine the biggest Russian-speaking site of communication of dirty tricks.

Editor-in-chief Zdanovsky Georgy zdangeorg@gmail .com

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