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Regatta for friends

Phone 1: +74959781488
Phone 2: +79015171488 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: info@regattaforfriends.ru
Facebook: https://facebook.com/regattaforfriends
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Regatta for friends is a new format of active recreation.

The company was founded in 2014 and includes following destinations:

Regatta for friends - sailing adventures to the most beautiful corners of the planet. Here people close in spirit and interests, romanticists and just in love with sea and adventures, gather together. The format includes sailing elements of sailing races, competitions, quizes, quests, tours and gastronomic tours.

Everyone can choose a format to taste :

  • New Year Regatta for friends - is an unforgettable New Year's unique holiday because of its geographical and historical feature countries. This format of the event includes scuba diving, shark feeding and snorkeling.
  • Skipper training IYT international system - express course where in two weeks we offer express training and to take exams on for an international certificate - IYT bareboat skipper - in Russian with no previous experience.
  • The Academy of Young Seafarers - an adventure for children and parents, where adults can share a journey with their children anywhere in the world. Every child can feel like a sea captain. The event includes a developmental program for children from 6 to 12 years, developed by professional teachers. It is aimed at the development of communication, cognitive, creativity and teamwork, as well as the development of cumulative maritime skills, a lot of games and creative contests.
  • Sailing regatta "Tough" - for those who want to test themselves to 100% and to find out where the limits of your capabilities are, as well as get the "Not teen" dose of adrenaline.
  • Sailing Expedition - for those who are made in the USSR and love hiking, sitting around the campfire and guitar songs. We offer a plunge into the world of unspoilt nature, the wide surface of the water, unshakable peace and tranquility. Here, everyone is able to recuperate and recharge energy.
  • Classic format of a Regatta for friends - a holiday with elements of sport. The winner of the regatta is not always the one who is the best at adjusting sails, you can show all creative skills and the results of intellectual and creative assignments will be counted in the total score. These activities are the most massive, fiery and dynamic. The geography of vast space and are not repeated for several years.


+7 (901) 517-14-88 Sergey
+7 (495) 978-14-88 Lilia
e-mail: vmeste@parusim.ru
our website: http://regattaforfriends.ru
Facebook: www.facebook.com/regattaforfriends

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