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«Water kids» — a new zone on Moscow Dive Show 2017

Водные дети на Moscow Dive Show
2 - On February 5, 2017 in EC "Sokolniki" there will take place the next Moscow Dive Show — the largest exhibition of the underwater industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. To help parents-divers to grow up worthy change, we intend to present children's diving, freediving, beach rest with children and children's programs of summer holiday.

If you haven't decided to write down the kid in submariners yet – just pick him up a diving suit and a mask with a tube. It will resolve swimming problems in cool water of the small river near country house or in the resort where warm water isn't included into the tourist's package. Moreover, there are separate collections of lycra suits from which protect children from the scorching sun.
Besides an exhibition, we insistently advise you to visit a highly topical program of master classes and lectures – the leading coaches on training of children in scuba diving and diving will tell about how it's correct to acquaint them with the underwater world, they will also help to answer questions.

In sector "Water children" the children's game zone will also be located. Here your children will be able to spend time under supervision of skilled animators. For teenagers it will be interesting to glance in depths of an underwater microcosm, to watch inhabitants in eyepieces of powerful microscopes and take part in scientific experiments.

The detailed program of actions of sector "Water children" will be published at the beginning of December, 2016.
The partner of the zone "Water Children" - mighty Internet community of active mothers SelfMama.

Детское снаряжение для подводного плавания
Children's equipment for scuba diving

Солнцезащитная одежда для пляжа
Sun-protection clothes for the beach

Водная экипировка
Protective equipment

Детская косметика
Children's cosmetics

Обучение дайвингу и подводному плаванию
Training in diving and scuba diving

Детские лагеря с водными программами
Camp nurseries with water programs

Дайвсафари с детскими программами
Divesafari with children's programs

Стильное снаряжение для мам
Stylish equipment for mothers

Детские книги на подводную тему
Children's books on an underwater subject
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