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ПТС — водолазное оборудование

Phone 1: 8-916-508-72-78
Phone 2: +7 (495) 517-70-25
E-mail: info@neptunworld.com

At the Moscow Dive Show a special section will be dedicated to professional divers: civilian and military divers, diving doctors, rescue divers, marine salvage experts and underwater technical operations specialists.

At exhibition booths of this section visitors will have a chance to see professional equipment for underwater technical works, get advice from developers and suppliers of such equipment, find professional contractors for tricky and complicated underwater works, or apply for a job in a diving company.

The Project will include the following:

-Exhibition of modern diving equipment and supplies;

-Unique exposition of older diving equipment with a photo zone;

-Consulting sessions with specialists, workshops and master classes at booths and in conference rooms.

The organizer of The Diving Project at the Moscow Dive Show 2021 is Neptune XXI Century magazine.

We remind you that until March 15 professional divers as well as veteran divers can get a special PROFESSIONAL Badge granting free access to the exhibition.

To book a booth in The Diving Project Section of the Show or to organize participation in events for divers please contact us by phone +7 (495) 517-70-25, +7-916-5087278 or by e-mail: info@neptunworld.com

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