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Phone 1: +7 499 322 8629
Phone 2: +7 929 586 2999
Web site: http://www.bare.ru
E-mail: opt@bare.ru

The BARE Sports company is one of the leading producers of diving suits in the world market. Our 40 years' experience and innovative development allow to create suits of exclusive quality. We are so aware of our production that we give a lifelong guarantee on all seams of dry diving suits.

There are models of suits for any conditions , preferences and level of preparation in a collection. Today, having capacities in North America, Europe and Asia, the company takes a unique position which allows to satisfy quickly and effectively any requirements of constantly moving and developing world market of equipment for diving. BARE Sports offers the widest choice of sizes. This feature allows us to create suits which are ideally suited for any types of a figure and do each immersion unforgettable.

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