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База - 70 широта

Phone: +79211737951
E-mail: 70shirota@mail.ru
Address: Мурманская область Печенгский район
Instagram: 70_shirota
Base - 70 shirota offers its guests an unforgettable vacation on the German Peninsula.
Being far from the crowds, on the edge of the Kola Peninsula, you can completely plunge into the nature of the North, forgetting all the hustle and bustle of cities.
Seeing seals, whales and dolphins in their natural environment is expensive. To catch a polar day and get lost in time, what else could be better after working in the stone jungle.
You can go sea fishing with your family or friends, dive for seafood delicacies, and then steam in a bathhouse on the South coast of the Arctic Ocean. Our chefs will be happy to prepare your catch and feed them with their specialties. 

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