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ДайвГруз — грузы и грузовые системы и пояса

Phone: +7-999-694-05-13
Web site: http://www.дайвгруз.рф
E-mail: 2940513@mail.ru

Our Rostov club "DeepWreck" exists since 2007. Besides work diving of the center on the Black Sea coast in the settlement of Krinitsa, training in diving and spearfishing, the important direction of our activity is the creation and production of equipment and accessories for divers and underwater hunters.

In development of our equipment we use experience of "underwater people" with big pleasure and as the geography of our partners covers the most distant corners of our big country for a long time (and not only ours), we should consider nuances and a variety of conditions for different types of underwater activity. The main ideologist and the mentor of our development and activities is our head – the master instructor of CMAS, the spearfishing instructor with twenty years' experience Krylov Sergey Vladimirovich.

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