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COVID-Free Event or Foreign Visitors Admission Rules for The Moscow Dive Show-2022

23 Jan 2022

Dear guests,

To attend The Moscow Dive Show in February 2022 upon arrival in Russia you need to do a COVID-19 PCR test in a laboratory connected to the Unified Medical Information Analysis System (EMIAS) to upload the results into it for you could receive a QR-code.

Our medical partner RZD-Medicine has such a laboratory and 24/7 testing sites for COVID-19 PCR Testing at Sheremetyevo International Airport (Terminals B, C, D) and at Belorussky, Leningradsky, and Paveletsky railway stations in Moscow. Locations can be found at https://www.svo.aero in the COVID-19 section or on the RZD-Medicine web site https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru.

15.02 till 20.02.22 the participants of Moscow Dive Show by promo-code "DIVE SHOW" will get 10% discount for standard test (ready within 24 hours) and 20% discount for all types of urgent tests (ready in 1.5 to 3 hours). To get the discount, book your test via RZD-Medicine web site https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru, selectpayment method "At Reception" (У администратора) and mention the promo code when paying at any of the testing sites, or go to the receptionist and also mention the promo code.

Booking a PCR test, be sure to tell them that you need it for the QR code, and make sure that you correctly enter your name, date of birth, phone number, and passport information in the order form (this information will be sent to EMIAS for verification).

When you receive your COVID-19 PCR test results, you should fill the form at https://immune.mos.ru stating your full name, date of birth, passport data and telephone number (the data must match the data you provided at testing). The number must be a Russian number, i.e. in the format +7 9xx xxx xxxxxx (you can use a phone number of your acquaintance; you will only need it to receive an sms-code on it). Please do not fill in the field "Job in Russia Patent”!

The system will process your request, find your PCR-test result, and generate your QR-code. If you receive the test result, but the system does not generate a QR-code, call the lab where you did the test, verify your data, and ask them to resend it to the EMIAS system. Check the QR code in advance, since the laboratory is allowed to resend the result to the EMIAS system no later than the day following the date of the test.

In addition, February 17 to 20, the RZD Medicine mobile PCR testing laboratory will be working at the Moscow Dive Show, Gostiny Dvor Venue. You can register for testing at Gostiny Dvor through https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru choosing Moscow Dive Show location at Gostiny Dvor (the location will appear on the site within few days). There will be a special price for express testing in the mobile laboratory - 2000 rubles(with results ready within 3 hours) and 3000 rubles (with results ready within 1.5 hours). Additional discounts by promo code shall not be applied.

EMIAS processes test results 1 to 3 hours from the time they are ready. We recommend you to do the PCR-test in advance, but not earlier than 48 hours before the date and time of visiting the Show (if you plan to attend several days at the event, QR-code must be valid through all the days).


The organizers of the exhibition have decided to make the entrance to the exhibition free of charge upon presenting a negative test result if the test is done in RZD-Medicine testing sites, including that in Gostiny Dvor.

At registration, you will also be asked to present your ID with a photo (e.g. passport, driver's license, etc.). So please make sure to take your ID with you to the Show.

Locations of stationary "RZD-medicine" COVID testing sites:

* Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal B, Moscow Region, Khimki https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1044
* Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal C, Khimki, Moscow region, https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1107
* Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal D, Khimki, Moscow region https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1045
* Belorusskiy Vokzal, Railway Station, Moscow, Tverskoy Zastavy Sq. 7 https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1053
* Leningradsky Vokzal, Railway Station, Moscow, Komsomolskaya Sq., 3. 1st (Ground) Floor https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1086
* Paveletsky Vokzal, Railway Station, Moscow, Paveletskaya Sq, 1Ac1 https://lab.rzd-medicine.ru/service-points/1161