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The Moscow Dive Show — Event Schedule, April 8-11, 2021

19 Mar 2021

Details on all the events are published under the Event Schedule section. Every event is marked by a sign specifying its venue, i.e. the mainstage, a conference room or an exhibitor booth. Besides you can filter the list of events by themes – Diving, Spearfishing, Freediving, Techno/Speleo Diving, Underwater Photography, Yachting, Medicine, Ecology, Cinema&Video, Shows, For Children.

Special Theme Days

For your convenience we put together presentations and events on specific themes for certain days. Film screenings, master classes, contests and sweepstakes will be held on a daily basis, in parallel with thematic events.
— Thursday. Medicine, Safety, Paradiving.
— Friday. Techno / Speleo / Wreck diving.
— Saturday. Diving, Spearfishing, Yachting.
— Sunday. Underwater Photography, Freediving.

Super Saturday

The end of the busiest, most crowded and eventful day of the Moscow Dive Show, Saturday, will be celebrated by two Grand Shows to be presented on the main stage. At 17.00, the start of the Battle of the Heroes of the Depth will be given (more details are available in a special description) — ice freediving, record dives, underwater discoveries and new sites on the underwater map of the planet. Prepare your questions — the visitors should be active participants of the Battle!

Right after the Battle, at 19.00 the Gift Hour will begin and hundreds of valuable prizes will be given to visitors, such as trips to the seas&oceans, computers, fins, masks, spearguns and other useful items. All you need to do to participate is just to touch your admission bracelet to the registration terminal near the main stage and keep waiting for your name to appear on our huge screen.

Underwater Microcosm Secrets

A large booth with microscopes under the supervision by biologist Konstantin Neverovwill welcome children and their parents for exciting lectures about the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. Rare samples of underwater flora and fauna will be delivered here specially for the Moscow Dive Show. Come with the whole family! Look for the timetable of lectures under For Children title of the Event Schedule.

Divingand Underwater Magazines and Travels

The Moscow Dive Show Exhibition is organized by The Ultimate Depth Magazine and The Spearfishing World Magazine, the leading magazines for diving and underwater activities. Copies of the recent editions (yes, we print them again!) and the detailed travel timetable for 2021 will be available at our booth. On Friday, 18.00 to 20.00 the private party for those who have ever traveled with us since 2003 will be held. Let's raise our glasses, remember the past and discuss the future — think about Shantara with diving, Azora, Antarctica, Albania and much more (and not only A letter though).


Keep in mind, that until April 7, tickets are sold on our website at a discount. It is a saving and comfortable way to buy them. Be sure to complete your online registration immediately after purchasing your ticket, so as not to waste your time on this at the exhibition.

We recommend you to visit the convenient mobile version of the exhibition website https://moscow.diveshow.ru/ to have the Floor Plan, List of Participants and Event Scheduleat hand on your smartphone.