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Omersub S.p.A

Phone: +7 495 786-98-50
Web site: http://tetis.ru
E-mail: opt@tetis.ru
The history of Omersub begins in the late Seventies, in Northern Italy, with the specific mission of developing and manufacturing top quality spearguns for a few very demanding spearfishing champions. Valerio Grassi, the founder of Omersub, could then benefit from the experience of firearms manufacturer Beretta, directly involved in the start-up capital of Omersub, both in the design and manufacturing of high precision and unique spearguns and spearfishing accessories. Since then, Omersub has unceasingly pursued its original mission, reaching unique experiences in the application of new solutions for all products related to the mystical world of skindiving and spearfishing.

In 1993, Omersub has joined the multinational group Beta Tools, leader in the manufacturing of professional hand and pneumatic tools. Through passion and innovation O.M.E.R., in a period of two decades, has grown to become a worldwide brand recognized today by spearfishing and free diving enthusiasts around the World. Omersub relaunched the Sporasub brand in 2009 and has successfully positioned this well known brand at the high end of the market segment.

In 2013 Omersub has joined the group Aqualung, the worldwide leader in scuba diving equipment. Since the invention of the first demand regulator, called the Aqualung in 1943, and through constant innovations Aqua Lung produces a vast and complete range of dive equipment for the sport and professional divers under the Aqua Lung, Apeks and Whites brands. The brands are distributed through a network of specialized professionals in over 80 countries.

Omersub is today the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of spearfishing and free diving equipment.

O.ME.R and SPORASUB, historically recognized as the top brands in the spearfishing and free diving industry, are distributed in over 70 countries.

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