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Компания AVL

Phone: +7 (953) 415 64 94
Web site: http://avlnn.ru
E-mail: zakaz@avlnn.ru
VK: https://vk.com/avlnn

The company was founded in 2012.

AVL is a Russian developer and manufacturer of equipment for diving, geared towards the requirements of users to the greatest possible extent.

The company’s priority is the quality of its production.

AVL uses cutting-edge technologies and materials when designing and producing its equipment.

Among the products offered by the company there many proprietary solutions.

AVL equipment has won trust and recognition. It is used by many divers and dive instructors both in Russia and outside Russia.

AVL offers:

·         Titanium and stainless steel harness backpacks of own design developed for various conditions of use. Among them, an ultra-light titanium backpack weighing only 550 grams and super-heavy stainless steel 8 mm thick backpack weighing almost 8 kg. ANY backpack is capable of carrying a 2*15 twin set and is suitable for any level diving.

·         Straps of different thickness with titanium and steel rings and quick-releases.

·         Wing buoyancy compensator devices of own design of different weight capacity for one-cylinder sets and twin sets.

·         Weight systems of own design.

·         Cylinder harnesses of different types with a 1.5-2 inch strap.

·         A wide range of accessories and all sorts of useful stuff for diving.

Further plans of the company include further improvement, product mix expansion and development of new products.

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