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Photo Show Rules

Both amateurs and professionals can participate in the largest exhibition of underwater photography.
Conditions for the placement of works:
— The format of underwater photos — 60 x 90 cm.
— Any subject. Any creative idea is allowed, even a collage within the limits of aesthetics.
— The technical parameters of the file must allow high quality printing of the photo work in the specified format (at least 200 dots per inch).
— The width of the panel for the photo suspension is 100 cm, the height is 250 cm.
— It is allowed to hang compositionally and figuratively related photos in two levels (one above the other). At the same time, a reduced size of up to 50x60 cm is allowed . Large panoramas are also possible — in this case, the number of panels, fixtures and location are specially coordinated.
— It is possible to form a separate author's block of photos in the gallery area (indicate your wish in an email or by phone number published below).
— Photos should be on foam board or other solid base, have fasteners for suspension. A 10x15 cm hard plate should be fixed under the photo. On it: the name, the author, the place of action, a brief description-explanation of the action and the inhabitant, a description of the photographic equipment (camera, optics, box, lighting, accessories ...), settings and, possibly, the contact of the author and the website.
— A possible laboratory for printing Interholst (to achieve the required image quality, it is recommended to make test prints)

Please note that the maximum possible number of panels for one author is no more than 6, and as the exhibition area fills up, applications for participation will be discontinued. Please inform us in advance about the required number of panels, lamps and photographs (paintings)!

The 500 kb photos selected by you for the exhibition (for the catalog) must be sent 20 days before the start of the exhibition (namely, by January 19, 2023) to  foto@diveshow.ru 
Please wait for confirmation from the curator of the photo exhibition Vladimir Gudzev that your works have been accepted before you start printing them!

Important! The author must take part in the hanging and installation of photographs (from 12 o'clock on February 9) and dismantling (after 16 o'clock on February 12). It is allowed to use the services of authorized persons.

Also important! The lighting of the panel with an exhibition photo is paid. 1800 rubles for one panel (in cash).

Send questions and applications for participation to Vladimir Gudzev at foto@diveshow.ru 
You can also contact Vladimir Alekseevich by phone +7 916 659 93 47 .