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SDI TDI ERDI — международная дайв-ассоциация

Phone: +7 925 507 4776
Web site: http://tdisdi-russia.ru
E-mail: office@tdisdi-russia.ru
The international agency is formed by three structural agencies SDI, TDI and ERDI that stand for:

— SDI -Scuba Diving International
— TDI -Technical Diving International
— ERDI - Emergency Response Diving International

The company was created in 1994 as anagency offering to expand possibilities of recreational diving by use of enriched air, gas mixes, advanced configuration of equipment and application of the advanced technologies in diving, including rebreathers. At first our association was positioned just as TDI (Technical Diving International) and that allowed us to gain leading positions in technical diving among other world associations and to sustain them until now.

Later, in 1998, the second branch of our association – SDI (Scuba Diving International) – was created for recreational divers and its standards were developed. It incorporated all the experience and knowledge in recreational diving. It made possible to bring innovations in the SDI curriculum and standards that distinguish SDI in essence from others agencies’ programmes.

During the last few years were developed the teaching standards and the curriculum for the third area of activity of our agency - ERDI (Emergency Response Diving International) that stands for emergency response and saving lives in extreme situations. This work area is especially widely presented in those countries where public emergency response agencies are developed insufficiently. ERDI is also well-known in North America and Asiacountries as Public Safety Divers service.

SDI TDI ERDI Headquarters is located in Florida, USA www.tdisdi.com

The President of the association is Brain Carney.
The Russian Regional Office Director is Vadim Shapovalov.
Instructor Trainer IT#7069

There are 24 regional offices worldwide that cover all countries. Besides Russia, the Russian Regional Office is working with instructors in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Caucasia, Central Asia and some non-CIS states.

The main tasks of our Office are promotion of diving in Russia, development of training material in Russian for all courses, interaction with our instructors and diving centers, provision of various services, including certification of divers and instructors, and many more. The Russian Regional Office is working in collaboration with Moscow diving center Cousteau Club, where we regularly hold instructor development courses for recreational and technical TDI-SDI levels, most advanced technical courses for divers and, of course, recreational courses.

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