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TERRA AGUA CEU Lda. — дайв-туры и сафари в парках Мозамбика

Phone: + 258 820 216 250
Web site: http://www.travel2mozambique.com
E-mail: info@travel2mozambique.com
Address: Rua Premeiro de Maio 295, CP129 Inhambane, Mozambique
Discover one of the most remote and lively wilderness areas on our planet. Dive with Whale Sharks, Rays, Manta Rays, Bull Sharks, Humpback Whales and more! The breathtaking coastline with its stunning island archipelagos, estuaries and dune systems is inhabited by beautiful people with authentic African culture. In an amazing safari adventure in the Kruger and Gorongosa National Parks, you can meet the entire "African Big Five"! An incredible combination of the luxury of a beach holiday and the real wild African bush in one trip. Welcome to Mozambique, the Land of People with a Big Heart!

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