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Клуб Крокодил (Crocodile club) — дайв-туры по всему миру

We – are the training and travel.

As the saying goes - "All roads lead to Rome!” And there you are – in our department of travel and adventures. After all, you want your stay to be well-organised, with study all the details, and flexibly. Maybe something else attracts divers in our company, it is easier to ask about it themselves, without disturbing tour managers, because they work and now, at this very moment. Check out our booth and maybe you'll learn the secret of our department "Travel and adventure." And the reason is that this year we are celebrating the anniversary of our successful work – 20 years!

Credo of the instructors of the "Crocodile” club – virtuosity. Virtuosity in everything that is connected with diving – buoyancy, use of fins and other skills. We like to dive professionally and easily, and we even like it more when our students are achieving the same virtuosity and they like it too!

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