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Дельта — рыболовная база отдыха (Казахстан, оз.Балхаш)

Phone: +7 705 777 47 37
Web site: http://delta-fish.kz
E-mail: bilvg@bk.ru

Fishing recreation center "Delta” is located in the Southern Pribalkhashye (Yuzhnoe Pribalkhashye) in Kazakhstan, in the center of the river Ili delta and around 15 km from the Balkhash Lake. The center’s location has been specifically chosen to be nearby to the mouth of the Ili River, on the shores of the Asaubai and Babushinoe Lakes. These lakes are the main feeding grounds for the fish during the summer, besides that the seasonal migration routes of the fish, from the Lake Balkhash and the main sleeves of the delata: the Zhideli and Iir streams, cross here.

This is the best place for spearfishing the grass carp, catfish, common carp, sander, asp and northern snakehead, as well as for angling these fish with common tackle. The recreation center has a 10-year experience of sport fishing organization for the citizens of Kazakhstan and the international guests. The giant catfish and the white grasp carp fishing are especially popular. The white grass carp in the delta of the Ili River can get as big, as 40kg, for the catfish that number will be 120 kg.

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