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Marselia Star — сафарийная яхта (Мальдивы)

Phone: +7 (964) 377-25-87
Web site: http://marselia-maldives.com
E-mail: olga@marselia-maldives.com

Luxury yacht Marselia Star built for the real ocean safari. Marselia Star is a yacht designed to obtain maximum satisfaction from traveling to the Maldives as for the classic routes for Diving safari and unexplored points of the Maldives archipelago. Due to the size, design and layout of the yacht, as well as a qualified crew, you will be provided with an unforgettable trip!

Dive-safari is an exotic trip with living on board a ship and scuba diving. "Safara" means journey in Arabic language. This word was passed from Arabic language to Swahili and got the meaning of hunters' outing or just hunting there. Further the word was adopted by the white colonists who started calling the exotic hunt in Africa this way. Gradually such hunt became accessible to the increasing number of people. And instead of killing wild animals their photographing became of foremost importance.

Only in dive-safari you have an opportunity to dive from so many reefs; every day the yacht moves away from the continent, further and further, leaving behind the crowds of tourists who attack coastal reefs and scare away the sea inhabitants, thus bringing you nearer to the most interesting and virgin reefs and islands. Living on board the yacht, you avoid lengthy and tiresome voyages, gradually approaching the intended places of submersion; at the same time you feel pleasure diving from the encountered reefs and swimming in the open sea.

The duration of dive-safari is 7-14 days that will fly by in the twinkling! All this time you spend in the open sea on board of a comfortable yacht "Aurora". The accommodation is in 2-berth cabins having everything for comfortable recreation: comfortable beds, lavatory with shower, cold and hot water, air-conditioner, good-quality meals three times a day. At your disposal is a large lounge accommodating all participants of the journey. It has several tables, soft divans, a bar, a music mini system, a TV-set with video-recorder where you may view the material filmed by you immediately. All this is by far sufficient to spend time well with the friends!

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