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Heading to Far East

11 Sen 2022

Every year, the Moscow Dive Show gathers thousands of diving, freediving, spearfishing and underwater photography enthusiasts in Gostiny Dvor, as well as colleagues who conquer the water element on the surface – yachtsmen, surfers, kiters. The next exhibition will be held on February 9-12 at the best exhibition venue in the capital - in the Gostiny Dvor near the Kremlin.

Since 2015, the Moscow Dive Show has been the main point on the business map of Russia and neighboring countries for everyone whose business is related to water sports and recreation - manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, training systems and, of course, representatives of the tourism sector, who occupy half of the total number of participants. The most important element of the exhibition is a rich cultural and business program. Reports, lectures, film screenings and open tables on a variety of topics interesting to both ordinary visitors and industry professionals are held daily in the conference hall and on the main stage.

In 2022, the main theme was a series of speeches under the general title "Our Seas". During the four days of the exhibition, more than 30 speakers presented to visitors their reviews of the best locations for diving, freediving, spearfishing and yachting in the main waters of Russia – the White, Barents, Baltic, Black, Japanese and Okhotsk Seas.

In 2023, we decided to narrow the focus and focus exclusively on the Far East. Sakhalin, the Kuriles, Kamchatka, Shantary, Vladivostok, Primorye, Magadan - all these are the main points of growth on the map of water tourism in Russia, interest in which has been growing exponentially in recent years.

In August 2022, under the flags of the magazine Extreme Depth (organizer of the Moscow Dive Show), more than fifty divers, freedivers and underwater photographers visited the protected island of Moneron. The water areas were studied in detail, rich underwater photo and video material was captured. On Saturday, February 11, the main stage will host the premiere screening of the film "Moneron Island. An underwater fairy tale of the Far East".

If the main stage will be mostly performed by travelers presenting films based on the results of their expeditions, then the conference hall will focus on the practical aspects of tourism development in the Far East. Among the speakers are not only participants of the diving, yachting and tourism industry, but also delegates from Far Eastern tourism departments, nature reserves and specially protected natural areas, regional tour operators, organizers of cruises and complex expedition trips.

The following topics of speeches are subject to preliminary approval:

1. Rostourism.
The Far East, as a priority direction. Development of infrastructure, transport permeability of hard-to-reach territories, subsidizing transportation and cashbacks. Licensing of professional guides and guides.
2. The Ministry of Tourism of the Sakhalin region.
Moneron Island as a new point on the water tourism map. Practical experience in organizing recreational diving and freediving in the protected area of the Moneron Marine Reserve. The prospect of the development of specialized underwater tours on the Kuril Islands.
3. The Ministry of Tourism of the Far Eastern regions.
Individual presentations and participation in general sessions and round tables. Overview of the current state and prospects for the development of water tourism in the region. New locations and routes. Development of transport accessibility within the region.
4. Log Maximum depth.
Expert assessment based on the results of summer expeditions to Sakhalin, development prospects.
5. Tour operators.
Combined tours, cruises, package tours with air travel, etc.
6. The Maximum Depth magazine in conjunction with Vasta Expedition.
Cruises on expedition ships in the Far East.
7. Representatives of nature reserves and protected areas.
The practice of organizing recreational tourism and diving in protected areas. Interaction with tour operators and travel organizers.
8. Fishing and spearfishing. Regional organizers.
Specialized tours for fishermen and underwater hunters, organization of rafting, complex tours with combined casting, etc.

All performances on the main stage and events in the conference hall will be grouped as follows:
— Thursday, February 9th. Kamchatka, Commander Islands.
— Friday, February 10th. Vladivostok, Primorye, Shantary.
— Saturday, February 11th. Sakhalin, Moneron, Kuril Islands.
— Sunday, February 12th. Arctic, Magadan, Chukotka, Wrangel Island.

Thematic speeches about the Far East do not mean canceling the conversation about other regions. We will definitely give the floor to the northern territories – the White and Barents Seas, we will not forget about the Black Sea and Baltic, the largest lakes also got into the preliminary layout of the poster – experts from Baikal, Ladoga and Teletskoye are already selecting bright shots.
If you have ideas for performances, feel free to send them to Galina Serova on pr@diveshow.ru
All the news of the preparation and the poster on moscowdiveshow.ru

The start of the pre–sale of tickets is November 15. The site is more convenient and with a discount!

See you in February!

The design uses photographs by Alexey Magai and Georgy Zdanovsky taken during the expeditions of the magazine Extreme Depth to the island of Moneron in August 2022.