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Moscow Dive Show 2024. Latest Updates and Information on Preparation

05 Sen 2023

The summer lull is behind us, and we are now gearing up for the active phase of preparations for the Main Exhibition for Aquatic Enthusiasts.

With only 156 days left until the grand opening, the countdown timer on moscowdiveshow.ru is in full swing, keeping both participants and visitors engaged.

Every week, our media platforms, including our website, social media accounts, and newsletters, will provide you with valuable information about our exhibitors, entertainment and business events, new arrivals, and special promotions.

Let's kick off this news flow with a comprehensive overview of all the essentials of the upcoming show!

When and Where?

February 8-11, 2024, at the Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Hall in Moscow. The venue will remain unchanged because, in our opinion, it's the most beautiful exhibition hall with a fantastic atmosphere and vibes, all just a stone's throw from the Kremlin. Did you know that the first diving exhibition was held exactly there, back in 2005? So, it's a place steeped in history for generations of water enthusiasts.The only minor inconvenience may be related to equipment unloading and the absence of a dedicated parking zone. Everything else is a definite plus at this venue.

What Is the Exhibition All About?

For all newcomers who are considering booking a booth or visiting the Show for the first time, here’s its overview.

In short, the Dive Show, or the Main Exhibition for Aquatic Enthusiasts, as the name suggests, caters to both underwater and above-water sports enthusiasts, as well as those seeking relaxation by the water's edge.

According to the visitor survey* of 2023, their points of interest are distributed as follows**:
— Diving: 70%
— Spearfishing: 27%
— Freediving: 23%
— Novice enthusiasts exploring the field of water-related activities: 21%
— Yachting/SUP/surfing: 16%

*please note that we process over 8000 questionnaires each year;
** respondents can select multiple activities, so the total exceeds 100%

The exhibition's layout mirrors these percentages, with over half of the booths dedicated to various aspects of diving, including equipment & gear, tourism, and training. Spearfishing and freediving hold the second place, at that the share of freedivingis steadily increasing year after year. The third position is shared by above-water activities – yachting, surfing, SUP (the last one has recently drifted away from the surfing theme taking the full autonomy), and water adventures, rafting, boat trips, etc.

Not only are the recreational underwater activities presented at the Show, though. We are proud to host the Diving Project, devoted to the more serious specialization – commercial and military diving.

Key Figures and Facts

Please consider the Moscow Dive Show 2023* highlights to have the entire picture:
— Exhibition Hall Area: 12,000 square meters;
— Number of Exhibitors: 186 companies from 21 countries;
— Number of Visitors: 19,000+ visitors for 4 days, including 1438 professional visitors (dive instructors, owners of shops, dive clubs, and travel companies).

*held February 9-12, 2023, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

Useful Links

For additional event information, explore these links:
— Essential information about the Show (available in English, Chinese, Arabic): https://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/bigbutton/
— Booth prices and options: https://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/exhibitors/prices_stends/
— Figures and highlights of the Show 2023: https://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/mds_results/itogi_MDS_2023/
— Watch a video about the Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFDOTL_16N8&t=1s

Booth Prices

A fully equipped booth with 3.5-meter-high-walls, lighting, and furniture is available at a rate of 240 euros per square meter. You can choose different booth configurations ranging from 4 to 100 square meters. The price includes all taxes and fees; we do not charge a registration fee or any hidden charges.

Discounts and Bonuses

We offer the following promotions and savings:
— 10% off for first-time exhibitors;
— 10% off for booths larger than 12 square meters;
— A free of charge double room in the official hotel (4 nights) for booths of 15 square meters or more.
Discounts and bonuses can be combined!

You can reserve a booth on moscowdiveshow.ru with just one click. Check for available booths highlighted in blue on the interactive floor plan: https://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/shema.php

Estimated Expenses in Moscow

For your convenience, consider these average prices*:
— Hotel: $80-120 for a double room;
— Taxi: $10-15 for a 30-minute ride;
— Café lunch: $20;
— Dinner at a restaurant with wine: $40-70.
* please note that these are average prices and may vary

Electronic Visa for Russia

Starting from July 1st, it’s possible to claim for Russian visa through an electronic visa program.

To do so, it’s enough to fill a special form on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website (at least 4 days before departure). After its approval the applicant can enter Russia (and go to the Moscow Dive Show).

The visa of this kind allows stay in Russia up to 16 days.
We think that this simplified visa granting process can feed up the international participants of the Show even further.
Ensure that your country is on the list of eligible countries for an electronic visa to Russia: https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/country_en.html
Access the visa application form here: https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/index_en.html

Equipment & Gear

The Moscow Dive Show has solidified its standing as the premier platform for the water sports industry. Here, new collections are introduced, and the remnants of yester years are available at discounted prices (anticipate the season's most significant shopping opportunity!). Presentations are conducted, and important business meetings take place.

In 2024, the conference halls will host a series of B2B presentations named Equipment & Gear-2024. Manufacturers and distributors of international brands will introduce their products and delivery terms to prospective buyers.

The Show organisers will provide personal invitations to all relevant exhibitors, as well as to a wide range of relevant consumers. Among them to name specialized and tourist shops, diving clubs, schools of yachting, freediving and spearfishing, swimming pools, water travel organisers, nature reserves, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of Russia, and various other government agencies and bodies.

The primary goal of this event is to showcase the entire available assortment of equipment and gear before the start of the high season (historically, sales begin to pick up in March).

The event will consist of four distinct sections, diving, spearfishing, freediving/snorkeling, and commercial diving. Details about event participation will be published soon.

In December 2023, representatives from Moscow Dive Show will set up a booth at the DRT Show in Hong Kong, our partner event. During this exhibition, we intend to network with equipment and gear manufacturers, as well as representatives from the travel industry in Southeast Asia, and extend invitations for them to join our Moscow exhibition.

Worldwide Tourism

Most of our regular participants, representing foreign hotels, live aboards, and dive centers, have already confirmed their presence at the Show. They primarily focus on four destinations: the Maldives, Egypt, Cuba, and Malaysia.The primary challenge for us as the organisers is to actively invite representatives from other significant "water-centric" regions, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, and various countries in Latin America. All these nations rank in the top 20 for visits by Russian divers.

Visitors to the Moscow Dive Show not only actively purchase equipment but also eagerly book tours for the upcoming season. This presents an excellent opportunity to compare trip offerings from various exhibitors, gain insights, personally meet yacht, liveaboard, and hotel owners, and occasionally even negotiate substantial discounts.

Our Support to International Exhibitors

To ensure a seamless and productive experience for international participants at the Moscow Dive Show, we offer a comprehensive support package:
— Visa application consultations (free of charge);
— Airport transfers to your hotel (free of charge);
— Experienced interpreters and booth assistants proficient in major languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese (€130 per day);
— Translation, adaptation, and printing of brochures, advertisements, and banners (price available upon request);
— Invitations to speak in the business program on the conference hall stage (free of charge);
— Opportunities for participation in B2B meetings with retail and tourism representatives (free of charge);
— Inclusion in a general overview article in The Ultimate Depth magazine's exhibition issue (pglubina.ru) (free of charge);
— A dedicated section in the email newsletter sent to over 24,000 exhibition visitors two weeks before the Show starts (free of charge).

Tourism in Russia

At the previous exhibition edition, domestic tourism was showcased on a grand scale. The main regions highlighted were the Barents/White Sea and the Far East (Primorye region, Sakhalin island, Moneron island, Kamchatka, Kuril Islands). These are the areas possessing a lot of coastal locations, ships, and boats, hosting the number of organizers of bespoke and unusual journeys, and the like. In the season of 2024, we are set to witness the expansion of the cruise program in the Far East. Besides the Professor Khromov vessel, another research ship, the Academic Shokalskiy, is expected to join the fleet.

Certainly, there might be no need to select Black Sea Region resorts at the exhibition. But if you're looking for something truly exceptional, the Moscow Dive Show is the place to be. Where else can you find the perfect option for trips to the Shantarskie Islands, secluded bays and the untamed rivers of the Sea of Okhotsk region, the Putorana Plateau, Novaya Zemlya, and beyond?

Underwater Photography Exhibition

The largest underwater photography exhibition in Russia serves as another irresistible attraction for visitors. It features a wide range of photography, including macro shots and photos of wrecks, impressive marine creatures and inhabitants of ordinary ponds, underwater erotica, and carefully staged compositions. These photographs are curated and selected by experts. Moreover, if you come across any works that capture your interest, you can easily purchase them by obtaining the photographers' contact information at the exhibition's management office.

Additionally, we offer the option to arrange a specialized photo exhibition dedicated to your country or location (pricing available upon request).

Gourmet Selections: Oysters and Co.

One of the most common questions from visitors on the eve to the Show is, "Will there be oysters? And what other delicious treats will be available?" Well, we can answer that in advance: we’ll have oysters again, as well as snails, sea urchins, caviar, fish, game, and other wild-caught delicacies. The Delicacies Fair at the Show will offer a wide variety of the finest options to suit every palate.

You won't leave the exhibition hungry; we assure you.

Our Team

For your convenience please find here the list of our team members responsible for different event aspects with contact details:

Booth booking and construction:
Pavel Lazarenko, pavel@diveshow.ru

PR & Communications:
Galina Serova, pr@diveshow.ru

Foreign Affairs (international participants support):
Lara Lockyer, lara@diveshow.ru

Design (assistance in booth design):
Dmitry Danilchenko, danila1971@gmail.com

Invoicing and Accounting:
Olga Stankovich, info@diveshow.ru

Website Support:
Sergey Kolesnichenko, it@diveshow.ru

Ambassador and Representative in Egypt:
Ahmed Gabr, ahmed.gabr@ahmedgabr.com

Underwater Photography Exhibition Curator:
Vladimir Gudzev, gudzev_foto@mail.ru

If you couldn't find the relevant contact person in the list above or have come up with a grand plan, don't hesitate to write directly to Georgy Zdanovsky, the Show Owner & CEO: georgy@diveshow.ru

Don't forget to join the exhibition's group in social media!


Stay tuned for updates on the Moscow Dive Show 2023 preparations, and we look forward to seeing you in February!