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Heroes of the deep Exploration and Diving Team in the category Search and find

04 Dec 2023

The Exploration and Diving Team will once again take to the stage of the Moscow Dive Show 2024 as part of the Heroes of the Deep show to receive an award in the Search and Find category, as this season the team has a lot to tell.

This time, the reconnaissance and diving team, after 80 years, confirmed the biggest victory of the Soviet sea hydroaviation with its discovery.

According to the report of the crews of 3 Soviet reconnaissance aircraft, on the night of September 15, 1943, a bomb damaged one enemy transport. However, in reality, the 100-kilogram bomb of their plane hit the nose of the heavy floating battery West, which a few minutes later turned over the side and sank. Since there was no confirmation of the death of the German side's personnel (almost half of the crew died), the Victory was not counted as a separate victory for the pilots and appeared in the award documents as "damage to the enemy ship". At the same time, the West floating battery is the largest enemy warship that was sunk by Soviet hydroaviation during the entire Great Patriotic War. And now we know the names of the pilots who performed this feat: the crew of junior lieutenants Nikolai Borisov and Nikolai Korolev and Sergeant Nikolai Zavizion.

Floating battery West was found by the "Reconnaissance and diving Team" together with the Marine Engineering Company "Fertoing "in the framework of the project" Bow to the ships of the Great Victory. Voices of lost ships." The expedition is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation and the Russian Geographical Society. Divers of the "Exploration and Diving Team" have examined the sunken German floating battery West and are ready to tell about their discovery from the stage of the Moscow Dive Show 2024.

Alexey Ivanov, Mikhail Ivanov, Denis Osipov, Olga Akulova, Maria Ivanova-Sokolova, Murat Kurbanov and Roman Bychenkov took part in the expedition as part of the team.

During the presentation of the award, its leader Konstantin Bogdanov will take the stage, he and part of the team will give a detailed story and a mini-film about the expedition.

Scouting and Diving Team website uwex.org

The show "Heroes of the Deep" starts at 17: 00 on Saturday, February 10, 2024 on the stage of Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. Any guest of the Moscow Dive Show 2024 can become a spectator of the show for free, just buy an entrance ticket to the exhibition.

Tickets are already on sale on the exhibition's website. You can buy a discounted ticket here https://www.diveshow.ru/show/bilety/

All details are available on the exhibition website www.diveshow.ru