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Poster Moscow Dive Show 2024 for Friday, February 9

08 Feb 2024

The exhibition has started! You can follow the events of the dive show on social networks, or better yet, come yourself, especially since the most interesting events are planned for Friday, February 9:

Movies on the big screen

11:30 — "Seal Island. Caught in a loop." ANO Club "Boomerang”, volunteer group for helping marine mammals "Friends of the Ocean”, TV channel Ocean HD and "Club 5 Oceans” present a documentary about rescuing fur seals .
12:00 — "Rivers of Lake Teletskoye.” The film from the Altai Nature Reserve will tell you how one of the deepest lakes in Russia exists due to which rivers .
14:00 - "Kuril Express”. A film by Alexey Kontratyuk about the first ever diving cruise on an expedition ship to the southern islands of the Kuril chain - Shikotan, Kunashir and Iturup.
20:00 — "Island of sperm whales. A look from the depths." A stunningly beautiful film about a trip to sperm whales in Tonga.
20:30 — "Depth with meaning.” Ivan Erkhov with a documentary about diving, which helps you find your unique path and look at life in a new way .

Interesting things on stage

12:00 — Sakhalin, Kuril Islands and Moneron. Main attractions and transport logistics.
13:00 — Diving in Bali. Diving in two oceans.
13:30 — "Underwater monuments of Issyk-Kul” . Results of an international archaeological expedition.
14:30 — "Tympanometry. Barofunction without a pressure chamber" . It will be useful for drivers, freedivers and underwater hunters.
15:00 — "High-altitude diving for everyone. Myth or reality? World record holders Konstantin Izotov and Yuri Kashin about multi-level expeditions.
15:15 — "Mountain diving - is it easy?” . Dmitry Petrushin and the Meridian club about the joys and difficulties of mountain diving trips.
15:30 — "Diving is a family affair . ” Natalya Semenkova about what diving is like and how to choose the format for yourself that will bring joy and pleasure.
16:00 — "The most charismatic animals on the planet . ” Natalya Artemenko and Ekaterina Dudina about unique programs for travelers and divers in Mexico and Costa Rica.
16:30 — "365 days with tiger sharks” . Analysis from marine biologist and shark diver Nikita Kornilov.
17:00 - "Giant groupers of the Caribbean” . And other underwater inhabitants of the Cuban park "Gardens of the Queen".
17:30 — "Shantara. Whales, killer whales and salmon . " Dmitry Morozov and Georgy Zdanovsky about the expeditions of the Ultimate Depth in the Sea of ??Okhotsk.
19:30 — Diving in Malaysia. Rules and nuances.

For freedivers and spearfishers

18:00 - stage - Konstantin Belousov will tell you why beginners need to learn spearfishing and what else pros can learn.
18:30 - stage - Olga Markina will answer the question: " Why don’t freedivers’ (and underwater hunters’, by the way, too) ears burst? »
19:00 - stage - Maxim Lubyagin with an interactive session on the topic "How to increase breath holding?”

Diving project

15:00 - conference room
• "Diving breathing apparatus with a closed breathing circuit and electronic control and the effectiveness of diving descents”
• "Organization of medical care for divers and divers in Russia - a review of capabilities and finished products”
• "Presentation of the Voronezh diving school”
• " Current issues of first aid in diving"
• "Prevention of diseases among divers and divers"
• "Oxygen: how it really is. On the correct use of O2 when providing first aid"
• "Increasing "underwater" qualifications at the school of divers in Moscow"
• On the historical section in the MCVD at the Maritime Collegium under the Government of the Russian Federation

In the conference room

11:00 — Business breakfast of the magazine "Ultimate Depth”. News of diving tourism and joint trips. The event for diving professionals, instructors, and dive club leaders is hosted by Georgy Zdanovsky and Lara Lockyer.
13:30 — Sniper sales technology. Konstantin Belousov on how to double your income from regular customers.
17.00 — "PADI Services and Resources.” Mini-seminar for PADI professionals.
18.00 — Wine party of the Travel Club Ultimate Depth with tasting of signature wines and Crimean delicacies from Oksana Istratova. For those who dive with us! Entrance to the party is strictly with the name badge of the "Ultimate Depth Travel Club”.

At the participants' stands

At the RuDive stand C2/1, Liliya Vinogradova teaches everyone to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation
13:00 - stand C2/1 - "Marine mammals, birds and us.” Marine biologist Natalia Chervyakova at the stand of the RuDive group of companies.
14:00 - NIKA Foundation stand E3/1 - face painting for children and adults.
15:00 - stand F14 - master class on tying sea knots from the Sailing Academy.
16:00 - stand C9/2 - master class on emergency care from specialists of the National Council for Resuscitation.
16:00 - stand E3/1 - volunteers of the NIKA Foundation together with children sculpt sea animals from airy plasticine.
16:00 - stand C2/1 - at the stand of the RuDive group of companies you will be able to talk with the organizer of unique children's educational programs on the White Sea, Mikhail Safonov.
17:00 – microscope island "Secrets of the underwater microworld” – "Pulsating corals. Move to live . " Adults and children will enjoy fascinating presentations, underwater photographs and illustrations from scientific articles.
17:00 - stand D3/2 - about under-ice freediving in Spas-Kamenka at the stand of the freediving school named after. Nikolai Strutynsky will tell Molchanova.
17:00 - stand C2/1 - "Angels and Demons of the White Sea Region” . Marine biologist Natalia Chervyakova at the stand of the RuDive group of companies.
18.00 - PADI stand R1/2 - Hour of congratulations to PADI anniversaries. All 2023/24 Anniversary Honorees (PADI Dive Centers and Individual Professionals) will be invited to receive Anniversary Awards .
18:00 - stand D3/2 - gift drawing from the Freediving School named after. Molchanova.
19:00 - stand C2/1 - "Underwater armor”. Marine biologist Natalia Chervyakova at the stand of the RuDive group of companies.

Open all days of the exhibition:

Island of microscopes "Secrets of the underwater microworld” , where, under the guidance of biologist Konstantin Neverov, you can study tiny aquatic creatures and ask an endless number of questions.

Book Island will delight small and large guests of the exhibition with books on marine (and not only) themes, new releases and discounts.

The exhibition of underwater photography is the largest in the world in terms of its scale and diversity. Enthusiasts of underwater photography will present their vision of the underwater world: the team of the natural photography festival "Wild Underwater World”, the International Union of Animal Artists and the famous artist Igor Chetvertkov and other photographers. In total there will be about two hundred works, filmed both in their native lakes and in the vast oceans. The entire rich palette of the underwater kingdom from huge whales to crustaceans invisible to the eye.

Evgeny Marochkin, an experienced underwater photographer and traveler, will present a separate exhibition of his works on the topic "Large inhabitants. Abstraction".

Fair of Wild Delicacies. A food court with seafood and farm products, where you can dine with the whole family and buy delicious things to take home. Everything that swims or crawls under water: smoked and salted fish, fresh oysters and stuffed snails, caviar of all varieties and shades from domestic producers - from Crimea to Kamchatka. Dried meat of various varieties, homemade pickles, jams, Altai honey, marshmallows and marmalade. You can try everything, help yourself on the spot or take it with you.

Poster for all days of the exhibition on the website at the link https://www.diveshow.ru/afisha/

You can buy a ticket to the exhibition here https://www.diveshow.ru/show/bilety/

We are waiting for you from February 8 to 11 at Gostiny Dvor of the city of Moscow (Ilyinka, 4) at Moscow Dive Show 2024