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Who is cooler - divers or freedivers?

03 Jun 2024

NDL freediving instructor, spearfishing instructor Andrey Stromberg talked to the Ocean HD presenter and talked about:

— how is diving different from freediving and why a freediver is cooler than a diver;
— which three human organs consume the most oxygen;
— what a freediver constantly has to struggle with;
— why is it vital for a metropolis resident to take up freediving;
— freediving or spearfishing - what should come first, what should come next;
— can freedivers work underwater;
— where St. Petersburg freedivers dive;
— for how long does it make sense to go diving in warm countries;
— how are things going with sports freediving in the Russian Federation;
— when "lying down” is a sport;
— How long can Russian freedivers not breathe?
— Why do freedivers who lose consciousness say nothing about it?

Interview with Andrey Stromberg: