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New Suunto Ocean: AMOLED dive computer and GPS sports watch for an active lifestyle underwater and on land

06 Jul 2024

SUUNTO (Finland) has announced the Ocean model, a dive computer with an AMOLED display in the format of a GPS wristwatch, created for explorers of the underwater depths and conquerors of heights on land!

The new product combines a universal Suunto device for diving and a sports smartwatch for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, equipped with the most modern functions.

The innovative Suunto Ocean watch, created from premium materials and using advanced technologies, was awarded the ISPO Award - a prestigious award for outstanding achievements in the field of sports technology and design.

This highly accurate GPS watch with free color mapping, over 95 preset sport modes and advanced training features, wrist-based barometer, heart rate and pulse oximeter is equally suited for scuba diving and freediving, as well as indoor and outdoor sports, autonomous travel, outdoor recreation and is designed to be the ideal companion for active adventurers.


The Suunto Ocean watch-style dive computer supports multiple scuba diving modes, including mixed gas diving with nitrox and the Suunto B?hlmann 16 GF algorithm.

Dedicated dive modes are available for freediving, snorkeling and mermaiding enthusiasts.

By pairing the Suunto Ocean with the Suunto Tank POD, users can see up-to-date information about tank pressure, gas consumption and remaining dive time directly on the watch.

For increased safety during diving, Suunto Ocean offers various customizable sound and vibration alarms.

"This highly anticipated new product from Suunto brings together everything we have learned from almost 90 years of creating equipment for adventure enthusiasts. Suunto Ocean is the ultimate combination of our compass, dive computer and outdoor watch expertise, developed and tested with diving and sports professionals ,” says Petri Lehtovirta, Product Manager at Suunto.

Setting a new industry standard, Suunto is adding an innovative feature to the Ocean: the ability to view your underwater route in the Suunto app logbook after each dive. You can also mark the start and end points of your dive in the logbook.

The innovative route tracking feature will be available in the beta version of the device's software and will continue to be improved, providing more informative dives.

All your diving, sports and daily activity logs will be stored in one place.


Suunto Ocean easily becomes a reliable companion for tracking your daily activity and sports training after you’ve finished diving.

The new sports watch comes with over 95 different sport modes, from cross-country running and cycling to swimming and yoga – there’s a mode for everyone! All modes have carefully selected relevant default data fields. For

outdoor enthusiasts, premium features include detailed offline world maps for free access, world-class satellite navigation for accurate location tracking, and a barometer for precise altitude readings and storm warnings.

The dedicated Training Zone feature in the Suunto app makes it easier to track your sports and daily activity, giving you an even better overview of your training load and progress, recovery and sleep data.

Suunto users can also take advantage of AI-powered virtual coaching to personalize their training.

Partner services like Training Peaks seamlessly connect Suunto users to their community, fostering competition and inspiring new adventures.


Suunto Ocean watches are crafted in Finland from premium materials – sapphire crystal and high-quality stainless steel.

The large, bright 1.43” color AMOLED display provides excellent readability and comfort, while buttons on the side of the device make it easy to control the watch in all weather conditions. The

durable case is water-resistant to 10 ATM and is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C.

"We changed our design direction last year, and the Suunto Ocean continues that transformation. It not only performs great, it looks great too. And you can wear it proudly every day, preparing for your next dive or just dreaming about it ,” says Mikko Ahlstr?m, Head of Design at Suunto.


The battery in Suunto Ocean won’t stop your adventures: it provides up to 40 hours of diving time and 50 hours of GPS time on a single charge. In everyday use, the battery in Suunto Ocean lasts up to 26 days. Recharging is quick and easy.


In addition to its dedicated features, the Suunto Ocean wrist-based heart rate and pulse oximeter smartwatch lets you track your daily activity and stay active no matter what you do, thanks to a wide range of smart features.

For example, Suunto Ocean tracks your steps, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep quality (including sleep stages) and recovery metrics with heart rate variability analysis.


• Large and bright 1.43” AMOLED display with easy-to-use buttons;
• Single and multi-component dive modes with air and nitrox support;
• Tank pressure information when using the watch with a Suunto Tank POD;
• Pressure measurement up to 7 bar below the water surface; barometric sensor for accurate altitude readings and storm warnings when working on land;
• Free offline maps in the watch (32 GB built-in memory), the best accuracy on the market;
• Premium materials: sapphire crystal and stainless steel;
• Daily activity tracking: steps, heart rate, sleep quality (including sleep phases), calories, stress and more;
• 95+ sport modes, the ability to create custom modes;
• Wireless software updates;
• Weather forecasts on the watch;
• Designed and manufactured in Finland with 100% renewable energy ENVIRONMENTALLY


Suunto Ocean watches are made in Finland and reflect Suunto’s commitment to the environment. Suunto is proud to manufacture its watches using 100% renewable energy.

With the new model, Suunto continues its commitment to the environment by calculating and offsetting the carbon footprint of Suunto Ocean using verified carbon units. Over its lifetime, Suunto Ocean watches emit only 11.63 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to driving 70 km in a combustion engine car2. The offset initiative involves planting coastal mangroves, which not only strengthen shorelines, but also remove pollutants, improve water quality and provide critical fish habitat.

The Suunto Ocean is available in three different versions, compatible with additional straps for diving, sports and everyday use.

About Suunto: We support outdoor enthusiasts. Pioneering exploration has been in our DNA since 1936, when Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen set out to create a more accurate compass and then invented a new method for producing liquid-filled precision compasses. Today, Suunto is a design and innovation leader in sports watches, dive computers, compasses and digital services used by outdoor enthusiasts around the world.
We pride ourselves on making Suunto products that can withstand tough challenges, but still have a casual aesthetic that reflects our Scandinavian identity. Suunto headquartered and produced in Finland.

Contact information:
JSC Navicom, official distributor of Suunto products in the Russian Federation
8 (800) 600-87-22
Additional information about Suunto products and brand: pr@navicom.ru