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Time of Rebreathers. A Big Talk

23 Mar 2021

Time of Rebreathers. A Big Talk – this unique public talk will be held within the Moscow Dive Show 2021 on Friday, April 9, 16:30.

While in classical scuba diving manufacturers mostly deal with external tuning of regulators, the rebreathers industry is, on the contrary, at the forefront of technological progress. It will be exciting to look at the full range of ideas and design solutions from large manufacturers to small laboratories. A substantive two-hour conversation will gather on one stage representatives of rebreather industry:
— Sergey Baykov (TDE);
— Olga Dmitrievich (Poseidon);
— Alena Mamontova (Liberty);
— Egor Godionenko (AquaBreather);
— Sergey Gorpinyuk (Smart Dive);
— Alexey Mikhin (DiveIndustry);
— Maksim Kuznetsov (Dive Rite).

The speakers will represent their products and answer the audience’s questions.